Healing Testimonials

Spirit Mediumship Reading

I met with Pamela at the beginning of a very new spiritual journey for me. I was unsure of what to do next and who to look to for guidance. Upon connecting Pamela was able to tap into my spirit guides and help me to find my path. She was able to aide me finally recognizing my gifts of intuition. She has been a blessing to me and I cannot wait to work with her in the future. ~ E. Whittaker

I am incredibly surprised and so happy with my reading experience. I had no clue what to expect, I just knew that I was open to receiving any love and information to help me progress. The details of the information you gave me sent chills and had me rather emotional. No bad emotions, rather strong ones. After the reading, I did almost all of what I was told, exactly how I was told to do it.  What has been happening since is so exciting. I feel like what I have been asking for (certain quality people) has been entering my life, I feel a stronger sense of faith and better prepared to expand on my projects.  I speak with my spirit family and mention them by name every day or nearly every day. I feel better prepared.  I feel more secure.  I look forward to more readings and explicit support from my spirit family. ~ Stefany

I had the most wonderful spirit guide reading from Pamela. She is certainly a gifted medium. The reading was very clear, concise, and to the point. I was given insight into my past, present, and future. She spoke about my abilities and gifts to share with the world and had specific advice from several of my guides. She even discussed a spiritual relationship to my children and things to look for with them in the future. I received confirmation on an area of interest and walked away from the reading with a warm reassurance and confident sense of well-being. I would definitely recommend Pamela to anyone looking for further insight into their spiritual journey. ~ David

I was amazed with Pamela’s reading. She wrote down things that I’ve really been struggling with, and gave me the names of my guides so I can connect with them by name and get some clarity. I’ll definitely be checking back in with Pamela to see if there’s any new information I need to know.  ~ Felicia

Pamela is amazing!  She has a great gift and is very accurate. ~ Ash I recently had one of the most amazing Intuitive reading sessions with Pamela Brown that was on point, and amazingly accurate. She’s tremendously gifted, and very in tuned with her guides. She does not use any external tools (such as tarot cards, pendulums, etc.) so this demonstrates how Divinely gifted she is. I would definitely recommend Pamela to anyone that’s seeking an Intuitive Reading, or Counseling session.  Two thumbs up! ~ Dwight

I tend to be somewhat of a skeptic around such “readings”, but Pamela’s energy was so enthusiastic and joyful that I went along mostly out of curiosity and for the pleasure of her company.  I was captivated by her immediate grasp of certain concerns that she could not have known about. I was left feeling reassured around these concerns and far more intrigued than I ever was before.  Most importantly, I was left feeling loved by the Greater Consciousness. ~ Dee M

Pamela’s Spirit Guide reading spoke straight to the heart of my current struggles, a level of depth that has at times been difficult for me to access on my own. She communicated truths that only my Spirit Guides would have been able to give her, which utilized my own personal symbolism and illuminated ways my energy was going to waste. Her reading was encouraging and honest, and helped show me that the tools I need for my own healing are within me, and that my guides are (and always have been) there to help show me the way. I have a much greater sense of trust in my angels and guides thanks to her reading. Thanks Pamela! ~ Drew

Reiki/ Healing Mediumship

I had a limited understanding of the benefits of Reiki before working with Pamela. When she mentioned that she’d received message that I needed a healing session I accepted with an open mind knowing at a deep level that it was time for major change. In the weeks following the session I have seen a major shift in many areas of my life in which I struggled. My relationship with my autistic son has expanded in a major, positive way aided by the growth of my feelings of personal power and worthiness. I feel so much gratitude for the spiritual benefits of this type of healing and look forward to its positive effects on my family’s life. Thank you Pamela! ~ ZS

Very professional. She is very grounded and an exceptional reiki healer. Draws out what needs to be healed. Highly recommended.~ Craig

My reiki session with Pamela was simply incredible. After our session I had the most restful sleep, which was sometime I was struggling with months before. Even though this was my first time, Pamela made me feel comfortable the entire time. She made sure to explain the process clearly before and was attentive towards answering my questions (which were many) following our session. I was diagnosed with general anxiety and being personally resistant to medication, I would recommend working with Pamela again a million times over.  ~ Odilka

My Reiki session with Pamela left me feeling deeply rested, grounded, and more in touch with my intuition. I recommend her to anyone living with chronic fatigue or severe pain. ~ Sophia W., Brooklyn, New York

Numerology + Spirit Mediumship

Pamela’s Reading was very insightful. She provided affirmation of passions that I have been developing and embracing, spoke of wants and dreams I have yet to seek out and pursue, and concerns I have been struggling to acknowledge and address. As I enter 2016 I plan to use her reading as a guide and reminder to live life more abundantly, fearlessly and more intentionally. ~ A. Gunn

Exploring my personality through Numerology with Pamela was not only fun but surprisingly accurate. Pamela took into account my birthday, my name and also used tarot cards to explore numerology in a very comfortable and exciting way. She is well versed in numerology but also uses her intuition during her sessions. She really knows how to have fun during the sessions but also takes her craft very seriously, she studies this and has a clear passion for helping others, and this comes out at every moment I have spent with her. I would recommend her to my friends and family without hesitation. ~ Odilka

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