Meet Pamela

Brown Olivia PamelaHello! I’m Pamela Olivia Brown, a Medium and Reiki Master Teacher. I work closely with the archangels and ascended masters, especially Archangel Gabrielle, Mother Mary and White Tara.

My strengths are clairvoyance and clairaudience, which means I see and hear spirit. As an empath, I am sensitive to the energy of people, plants and animals.

I was a mess before developing my psychic abilities. I heard, felt and saw the pain other people experienced. Many of the tears I cried were not my own. With practice and lots of patience I became grounded and my abilities strengthened. My abilities continue to grow. It’s a process.

I assist people with the following:

  • Remembering they are spiritual beings and that all aspects of life are spiritual;
  • Developing and strengthening psychic abilities;
  • Reconnecting with their spirit family – angels and spirit guides – and with Loved Ones;
  • Healing energy blocks so they are have a balanced mind and body;
  • Manifesting their heart’s desire;
  • Having fun connecting to spirit.

I have given readings to others about soul purpose, life path, money, love and health. My favorite part about readings is introducing people to their spirit family and teaching them how to connect with them on a daily basis. Basically, they learn how to become their own psychic and healing medium.