Meet Pamela

Brown Olivia PamelaHello! I’m Pamela Olivia Brown, a fourth-generation spirit and healing medium.

I offer spirit and healing mediumship readings, guided meditations, and Angelic Life Coaching.

My strengths are clairvoyance and clairaudience, which means I see and hear spirit. As an empath, I am sensitive to the energy of people, plants and animals.

My great-grandfather Benjamin Brown and grandfather Abraham Brown practiced Hoodoo, an African-American folk magick tradition. They worked with plants and healed people and animals. Growing up, my father was the neighborhood “fix-it” man. I heal using reiki, mediumship, numerology, and working with herbs, gemstones and sound.

I was a mess before developing my psychic abilities. I heard, felt and saw the pain other people experienced. Many of the tears I cried were not my own. With practice and lots of patience I became grounded and my abilities strengthened. My abilities continue to grow. It’s a process.

Reiki was the beginning of me healing my inner child and being more open to working with Spirit. My formal studies with professional intuitives helped me focus my connection. It began with Cosmic Earth Healing Work with Kelarius Finex, healing land in collaboration with the archangels and elementals. I moved on to study with Slade Roberson to identify and communicate with guardian angels, spirit guides and Loved Ones. Angelic Life Coaching with Charles Virtue rounded out my connection with the archangels to assist people with living his or her soul’s purpose.

I assist people with the following:

  • Remembering they are spiritual beings and that all aspects of life are spiritual;
  • Developing and strengthening psychic abilities;
  • Reconnecting with their spirit family – angels, spirit guides and Loved Ones;
  • Healing energy blocks so they are have a balanced mind and body;
  • Manifesting their heart’s desire;
  • Having fun connecting to Spirit.

I have given readings to others about love, money, health and life purpose. My favorite part about my work is teaching people psychic development and how to connect with their guides and angels on a daily basis.

In my down time, I enjoy travel, photography, vegan cooking, and writing fiction and poetry.