Private Mediumship Readings

Numerology Reading – Email – $200.00 USD
Your full name and date of birth carries vibrations unique to you. Learn what they mean and receive messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels about how to work through energy blocks and move forward, attracting prosperity and abundance. Includes a 12-month forecast. Reading sent via email in pdf.


Spirit and Healing Mediumship Reading – Skype – $300.00 USD
Readings are for individuals and small groups, up to four. Receive messages of love, healing and support from your angels, spirit guides and loved ones. I provide evidence of loved ones’ soul surviving and help you gain closure surrounding loss. There is no guarantee of who will step forward, but be rest assured that I only connect with loving energy. Healings from your guardian angels and spirit guides will cut cords between you and unhealthy people and behaviors, clear your chakras, and balance mind and body. This is a 1-hour session.


Please note that energy and spirit work is not meant to be a substitute for mental and medical care. If you are seeing a doctor or therapist, DO NOT substitute energy and spirit work for your on-going mental and medical care.