Mediumship Readings

Angel Reading – One Question (Email) – $55.00 USD
Do you only have one question weighing on your heart? This is a quick and easy way to receive an answer from your angels and guides. Email reading sent as a pdf document.



Mediumship Readings – Phone/Skype – $300.00 USD
Your loved ones have messages for you. I will connect with them, provide evidence of their soul surviving, and share messages with you to help you gain closure surrounding your loss. This is a 1-hour reading.



Spirit Guide Reading – Three Questions (Email) – $300.00 USD
Ask three questions about love, money, health, or next steps to take towards your life purpose. I will share the messages of the archangels, your personal angels and spirit guides. Email reading sent as a pdf document.



Angelic Life Coaching – Phone/Skype – $999.00 USD
Do you need directions to your life purpose? Angelic Life Coaching is a life purpose reading. Receive energy healing from the archangels and your personal angels to clear energy blocks; messages to help you manifest goals related to your life purpose; and guidance to maintain your well-being so you manifest consistently. Angelic Life Coaching consists of bi-weekly, hour-long sessions and email follow-ups during a 3-month period. Contact me for a free 30-minute assessment interview.


Please note that energy and spirit work is not meant to be a substitute for mental and medical care. If you are seeing a doctor or therapist, DO NOT substitute energy and spirit work for your on-going mental and medical care.