Angelic Life Coaching – Phone – Available Fall 2017
This is a Life Purpose reading. Receive energy healing from the archangels and your personal angels to clear energy blocks related to issues of worthiness (love, money, pleasure, joy, etc.); messages to help you manifest your desired lifestyle; and guidance to maintain your wellbeing so you manifest consistently. This consists of three (3) hour-long sessions and three (3) email follow-ups during a 6-week period.


Group Reading – Available Fall 2017
This is a group reading for up to five (5) individuals to receive messages from angels, spirit guides and love ones. There is no guarantee who will come through; Spirit shares messages it feels are needed for the moment.


Email Reading – Three Questions – $300.00 USD
Receive messages from your angels and spirit guides about your life in the areas of love, money, health, or next steps to take towards your life purpose.



Reiki Energy Healing  – $75.00 USD
Receive energy healing to clear chakras to balance your mind and body. Healing varies and may occur on an emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual level. This is a 30-minute distance healing.


Please note that energy and spirit work is not meant to be a substitute for mental and medical care. If you are seeing a doctor or therapist, DO NOT substitute energy and spirit work for your on-going mental and medical care.