Mediumship Readings Q&A


What is the best way to ask a question?
You will get better responses with specific questions that start with why, how, what and which. Example: What lesson will I learn in my current job or relationship?

There will be little depth with yes/no questions and questions that start with when. Work on rephrasing your question. Example: What do I need to do to meet my true love?

Will you predict my future?
No. Your life unfolds based on the choices you make moment to moment, day by day. However, spirit may share messages about possible outcomes when you follow their guidance.

Who do you share my readings with?
All readings are confidential. It is bad karma to break the trust of clients, especially when working with spirit. The spirit world can decide on becoming off limits. I love spirit, together we help people. I don’t want to be shut out from that.

Can I make a special request to hear from someone specific during the reading?
There is no guarantee who will come through during a reading even when requested. Messages depend on your needs for the moment, whatever purpose your soul needs to move forward, and who will come through to facilitate your process.

What is the significance of an email reading?
We are all connected to the universe and each other. I can connect with your spirit family from a distance just as easily as I could if the reading were face-to-face. With an email reading, you can refer to the messages from your spirit family as often as you like. All of the love, guidance and inspiration from your spirit family is literally in your hands.

How often can I come to you for a reading?
I recommend once every six months. This gives you time to digest the messages from spirit and integrate guidance into your life.

Why is there follow-up in the intuitive readings?
This is related to the nurturer in me. I want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and to see how you are progressing based on your spirit family’s messages.

Do you read children?
No. You must be 18 years of age for a reading. Children’s lives are affected by the adults that care for them. Many parents do not see a child’s potential because they have other ideas in mind. You can ask a question about how to be an effective parent/guardian/caregiver.


What’s included in an intuitive numerology reading?
This reading includes what you are do do in this lifetime; strengths and challenges; how and why you appear a particular way to others; reasons why you make the choices that you do; talents unique to you; and guidance from your angels and spirit guides to move forward, maintain balance and create a life filled with joy.




Will I receive a personal message?
Messages from Spirit are for the collective. Nothing is structured or static, so messages may come through for someone specifically. It depends on the energy of the evening and those attending the call. I do not guarantee anything except messages of love being delivered.

What kind of healings will we receive?
I will provide chakra healing guided by Spirit. It may be one or a combination of the following: reiki, cord cutting, or angelic energy healing.

How often can I attend group healings?
Each evening will be different, as will be the energy and attendees, so messages and healings will different as well. You can attend group healings as often as you wish.


Which is best for me, a psychic mediums reading, angelic life coaching, or group healings?
Go inward and rely on your intuition. Take a few days to not think about it, if necessary. The right answer will come to you.

Do you do in-person readings?
Yes, I do psychic mediumship readings at local events. I am open to collaborations and invitations to larger events.

What if I already know my life path but feel stuck?
I can work with you to heal energy blocks and be your support with one goal in whatever endeavor you are pursuing.

Is soul retrieval painful?
No, soul retrieval is a peaceful process where I call your spirit into sacred space. This sacred space consists of gemstones, music and your angels and spirit guides.

How will I know that the soul retrieval worked?
Soul retrieval is a process, not an instantaneous cure. The recommendations from your angels and spirit guides are meant to help you cleanse your mind and body of old patterns, behaviors and relationships. You will notice changes in your wellbeing as you nurture yourself.

Can I have more than one soul retrieval done?
Yes, but allow yourself to heal at least six weeks between soul retrievals.

Why does soul retrieval take so long?
Soul fragments need to be located individually. They have personalities. They tell stories of their loss. Sometimes they may try to negotiate terms before accepting a healing. It is a patient process for me as well.


How do I get a refund?
There are no refunds on readings that have been completed.