Psychic Development 101 – FREE

Everyone has psychic abilities. It’s the inner wisdom you receive in the form of thoughts, ideas, images, feelings, and emotions.

In this course you will learn about the four main clairs: clairvoyance (clear seeing); clairaudience (clear hearing); claircognizance (clear knowing); and clear sentience (clear feeling). The two lesser known clairs, clairalience (clear smelling) and clairgustance (clear tasting) will be included.

Through a series of questions, you will learn about your clairs, which is strongest, and how to develop them all. Click here to register.


Inner Child Chakra Healing – $9.00 USD

Children have an abundance of energy imagination. Their lives are centered on fun. That stagnates when well-meaning adults ask children to grow up. As adults, we tend to forget fun and burn out.

Chakras are wheels of energy located along the spine that turn, giving and receiving energy that is around you. Chakras can close or become congested with low vibrational energy causing imbalances and health issues.

Heal your chakras associated and inner child with fun activities then balance that with adult-style journaling. Below are inner child healing for the seven main chakras and two little known ones to keep you balanced and happy, head to toe. Click here to register.