Pleaidian Mist
Sci-fi/Fantasy short story collection about family, discovery, loss, and rebirth. Release date TBD.





Psychic Development for Everyday Living by Pamela Olivia BrownPsychic Development for Everyday Living
Everyone is psychic. We all see, hear, know or feel information that seems difficult to explain. Acknowledging our abilities is the first step to strengthening them. Psychic Development for Everyday Living introduces simple and fun ways to become more psychic.

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Perceptions: a short story
Carol is disturbed by her violent dreams and taking out her frustrations on her wife and daughter, Khalinda.

Khalinda learns the meaning of the dreams from an unexpected visitor, but keeps this from her mother. Will Carol figure it out to gain peace of mind and bring her family together?

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Love Letters to Ani: a haiku chapbook by Pamela Olivia BrownLove Letters to Ani: a haiku chapbook
Ani is the earth mother goddess in Igbo spirituality. She is the giver of life and guardian of women and children. Brown spent a year writing traditional 17-syllable haiku in honor of Ani. Love Letters for Ani: a haiku chapbook reflects on each season and the bountiful creations throughout the year. Photography captures some of the moments from this poetic journey.

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