Angelic Life Coaching Q&A

Why is the coaching only one month? Can I extend the support?
I integrate spirit and healing mediumship with traditional life coaching. The process is to heal chakra energy blocks so you can move forward with creating a life that is in alignment with your life path. Your life will ‘speed up’ after the energy healing. One month is adequate time to complete tasks to achieve one goal. You may extend coaching, if it is needed.

Why do you only work with women? And why only artists and healers?
I have a history of attracting women artists and healers as clients. Most of them are writers, but there have been jewelry makers, painters, sculptors and musicians.

Creative and deeply spiritual women, unfortunately, are taught by parents and teachers to ignore their psychic abilities and spiritual interests or think of creative self-expression as a hobby. Neither are seen as viable ways to support themselves. I experienced the same sniffling guidance.

I not only understand women artists and healers, I can relate to the damaging messages that hurt them emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Which angels do you work with?
There are many, but here are the main ones: Archangel Michael to remove unhealthy etheric cords; Archangel Nathaniel to increase inner strength; Archangel Gabriel to increase trust in intuition; and Archangel Ariel to heal physical trauma, reconnect to the body.