I offer spirit mediumship readings and healing mediumship sessions. Please contact me if you questions or concerns. Also, read the Mediumship Q&A.

Spirit Mediumship
Receive messages from your angels and spirit guides about one or three concerns in your life. This is an email reading, which will be sent to you via email in pdf format.

1 Spirit Mediumship Question – $75 USD

3 Spirit Mediumship Questions – $200 USD


Healing Mediumship
Do you want to feel rested and healthy? Healing mediumship is energy healing from your angels, spirit guides and the ascended masters. This may include cord removal; etheric/mental body healing; soul retrieval; and clearing your chakras and aura. Your spirit family will provide messages about maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. This is a distance healing session, which lasts 45 – 60 minutes. Messages will be sent via email in pdf format.

1 Healing Mediumship Session – $125 USD

3 Healing Mediumship Sessions – $300 USD