Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast for January 2018

It’s a new calendar year, and it’s filled with Feminine energy. In this Universal 2 year, the energy of balance, January 2018 and its 3 vibration brings forth fertility, expansion, and creative expression.

We will receive more abundance and prosperity from a place of rest and playfulness.

There are two full moons this month: 1 January at 9:24PM EST and 31 January at 8:26AM EST. Full moons ripen our new moon intentions. What did you wish for?

Creating vision boards, alchemy boxes, or simply stating exactly what you want through affirmations, prayers, or spells are ways to create your reality. The momentum of your intentions will quicken when your intentions are from a place of love.


This is a peaceful transition from the previous year for those of you who struggled with lack. The key, which is vital, is to believe in yourself and the angels’ love and support. We are always with you and always want to help. We do not interfere when you struggle, unless it is a life or death situation. Your time is not up when we intervene. We want to see you flourish and be well always.

Laugh, play, rest then repeat the process often.

Those of you who are slaves to your jobs and unappreciative people will need to decide if that is what you enjoy, or not. You do not need to suffer. Let go of those loveless relationships. They do not serve you.

Ask for us angels to intervene. Ask and you shall receive.

Malice is up in your land because people are projecting their suffering. Send them love. Ask us to send more and we will. Send love often. The more the merrier you will feel knowing we angels are chipping away at the suffering.

In the interim, laugh with friends, family, and even strangers. It will feed all your souls. As you let go of fear and worry, your heart’s desires will appear. Let go of outcomes and allow yourself to receive. Receive with gratitude. Receive with joy. We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018. May happiness reign. We love you all.

Archangels Raphael & Gabriel

Personal Story

I’m A Night Shift Worker

A Night Shift Worker, or Night Shift Dreamer, is a highly intuitive person who does healing work in the astral plane after they go to sleep at night. After a long night, the person wakes up feeling tired with body aches and possibly a head ache.

Spirit shared that I’ve been a night shift worker my entire life. Upon reflection, I can remember mornings when I woke up like I had partied too hard. I hadn’t. I was traveling the globe helping plants, animals and children.

Since my first reiki attunement, back in 2014, my night shift duties with children increased. I visited them in hospitals and comforted them, sometimes sang to them.

I’m not aware of who I help unless someone tells me. Few come forward. In 2016, a woman shared that I appeared in her dream, drumming and asking philosophical questions related to things she needed to ponder about her life. She said the visit was helpful.

The same year people started coming to me in my dreams for various reasons:

  • Help crossing over after their death;
  • Needing advice about their relationships;
  • Sharing whatever was weighing on their hearts.

I do night shift work a lot, but call it traveling. Spirit guides me to rest and play more during the day so that my energy level is higher when I travel. Waking up afterwards is not as painful. I also ask where I have gone. Spirit names the cities and countries. What I do specifically is no concern. I’m happy to serve.

Spirit said this work will increase in the coming days (as I write this) and for years to come.

Have I visited you? Please share your experience. Thanks!

Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast for 2018

It’s a new calendar year. The universal vibration for 2018 is 2. (2+0+1+8 = 11/2) Two carries feminine energy; this year is about receptivity, balance, cooperation, and wisdom.

Although 1 January is the beginning, the energy of the two began in the fall of 2017 around the autumn equinox on 22 September. We can reap what we sowed in 2017.

Archangel Gabriel has the following message:

Take heed this time to relax into feminine energy, to receive guidance from your Higher Self, the angels, and your spirit guides.

Your inner wisdom comes from lifetimes of reincarnation on this planet. It comes to you in dreams, meditations, and times of play and relaxation. Stress hinders this process.

Balance comes in many forms: eating food that makes you feel vibrant; drinking plenty of clean water; doing yoga and dancing; saying no to things and people that do not nurture your values; and standing in your Truth.

Some of you felt the shift last year internally of your psychic abilities growing, your temper quieting, communities shifting, and your beliefs changing. This will continue. Allow it to do so.

In this year, you will do much of the same but in a more relaxed mode. Take heed that this is a time to receive a bounty of love, joy and prosperity. Many of you worked hard, perhaps too hard, getting your life in order. We angels thank you for stepping up to save yourselves and others from a life of suffering.

This year will be fruitful in ways you cannot imagine. Staying in a mode of receptivity is easy through joy. Spend time with friends and family, plants and animals, and have lots of solitary time.

We angels will not make predictions for the future of 2018, but will say that this year will be turbulent for some, peaceful for others. Send love to all, more to those who suffer. May they find peace when they turn inwards. Do not rush anyone towards inner peace, only observe, send love, and be the light that you are.

Peace be upon you all in this new year.


Archangel Gabriel