Spiritual Teacher and Healer Alexis Fumi Williams

Interview with Spiritual Teacher and Healer Alexis Fumi Williams

Alexis Fumi Williams is healing Binghamton, NY with yoga, reiki, and meditation. The former personal trainer transitioned into a spiritual career as a yoga instructor and reiki master to feel grounded and at peace. When she isn’t teaching vinyasa yoga at Binghamton Zen Den or attuning new reiki practitioners, Williams is building community with activists, healers and spiritual teachers in her Yoga In Action workshops. Today, we talk with Williams about her relationship with reiki.

What brought you to reiki?
The Universe. When I was ready for a deeper connection to Spirit, the opportunity presented itself. A couple of my soul sisters were gravitating toward it and I felt the pull to know more.

Share some of the ways you use reiki. How have you benefited from using it?
I do reiki for self-healing, balancing and creating deeper connections to Spirit in my dream state. For several years I could not recall dreaming. After my first attunement, my dreams returned with deep meaning and guidance from Spirit. Now, if I am having an issue, all I have to do is ask and answers come to me through my dreams. It’s changed so much for me! I also use it on my pets, plants and food.

What is your favorite reiki experience?
My favorite experience is actually the first experience I had after completing my training. A friend’s pet had gone lame because of a car accident. She hadn’t slept, urinated or stood up for over 24 hours after the accident. After just a few minutes of reiki she stood with her front legs, and went to the bathroom. After a couple minutes of excitement she got comfortable and went into a sound sleep. It was a beautiful and amazing experience.

Do you have a favorite reiki symbol, why?
I imagine that’s what it would be like to try and choose a favorite child. I can’t really choose one. They are all powerful and beautiful in their own unique ways. What I love about symbols is that they generally tell me which one I should be using.

How do you integrate reiki with other tools, i.e., crystals, spirit guides, affirmations?
I’m usually guided by Spirit about which crystals, if any, will best compliment a reiki session. I always invite my guides, as well as, the guides of whoever I am working with to come close, keep me grounded and aid me in being of service to the person I am working with. I like to use singing bowls to enhance sessions because sound is deeply healing. I have more recently become interested in adding essential oils to the mix. The practice is always expanding.

How has your yoga practice changed since reiki?
I do self-reiki during my restorative practices. Restorative yoga often presents us with the opportunity to see where we are holding trauma or stuck energy in body. Because movement is limited in restorative yoga, it’s the perfect opportunity to send reiki love to yourself.

Share advice you teach new practitioners. 
It is a journey that can’t be rushed. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should. If, and when, things begin to unfold quickly remember to trust the Universe. 

To learn more about Alexis Fumi Williams, please visit her website alexisfumi.com.



July 2017 Numerology Forecast

Summer 2017 is a time for creating – art, relationships, new businesses, etc. July 2017 is a time to reap what was sown because it has an 8 vibration (7+2+0+1+7=8). There will be a lot of abundance and claiming of personal power.

Abundance looks different for everyone. It could be an increase of time, love, happiness, money, food, or responsibility. A new relationship could be the connection to abundance.

June had a 7 vibration, which asked us to go inward and reflect on what was important to our wellbeing. It was a time to clear clutter from our lives so our foundation strengthened and discernment sharpened. Going inward helped us project our truth. This is our personal power. No one can take that away.

On the flip side, July’s 8 has a vibration of lack and cowardliness. Create healthy boundaries between you and those who are waiting for something to happen to them rather than taking action to do something new.

The full moon will be in Capricorn at 9:06PM PDT on July 8 in the U.S. It will magnify the side of the vibration people are on individually and collectively.

However June looked for you – steeped in fear or releasing it – it will reveal itself in July, especially around the full moon.

Personally, I’d like to see more people take a leap of faith and create new projects and opportunities based on what they love. New communities can grow from these endeavors. It could cause a ripple effect around the globe. We need that now.

Reiki Master Teacher Usui

My Life As A Reiki Master Teacher

I prefer teaching reiki to holding private reiki sessions because teaching gives people access to reiki whenever they want it.

Reiki can be done while in bed, shower, as part of meditation, or over food as part of a blessing. The possibilities are endless.

My intention for teaching reiki is oriented around self-care and sharing reiki with the community—friends, family, pets, and plants – than teaching it as a profession. When we care for ourselves first we learn how much energy we have for others. We learn what needs to be healed to have more energy overall.

I tried reiki as a primary profession. One hour-long appointment required three hours of my time because I cleared and grounded my energy before and after the appointment. Being an empath meant I could see and feel the clients’ “stuff,” which soured my attitude towards private appointments.

Reiki classes were divided into levels after Master Usui died. Perhaps Master Mikao Usui himself nudged me to return to teaching reiki as one class made sense: teach everything and encourage new reiki practitioners to practice.

Teaching the face-to-face reiki class to new practitioners is fun because I teach it the way I’d want to learn. The class is laid back with soft music playing in the background. I also offer plenty of snacks to ground energy. There have been lots of laughs too to keep the energy light and high vibrational.

Spirit guided me to teach reiki online to those who already have a reiki level 1 or 2 certification. I was against teaching reiki online because I preferred the face-to-face course. Once I attuned my first student I was open to doing it more often. Teaching reiki online is my favorite over the face-to-face class.

I realized that Spirit was guiding me to teach reiki in a way that serves new practitioners. Those I have taught use reiki for themselves and their community or integrate it into their already existing profession.

Spirit knows best! Listening to the guidance about how to teach reiki helped balance my life and have more energy.

Distance Reiki Session
Holistic Health

How Does Reiki Work And What Happens In A Session?

Reiki appears woo woo because the energy is invisible, but the benefits are tangible.

Reiki is Universal Source energy that is gentle and healing. A reiki practitioner or master directs the energy around him or herself into a desired person, place, or thing. This is done in-person or during a distance session.

During a session, reiki energy relaxes the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, optic nerves, digestive system, and nerve endings) and circulates through the cells of the bones, blood, muscles, and skin. People tend to fall asleep and enter the dream state during a reiki session.

The longer the reiki session the more one will experience the following benefits.

  • Relaxed mind and body.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Sharper mental focus.
  • Stronger concentration.
  • Better receptivity to intuition.
  • Improved energy.
  • Increased creativity.
  • Better sleep.
  • Increased natural ability to heal.
  • Reduced pain.

Distance sessions can be scheduled when a person can sit or lie down without being disturbed. If not, it is best to spend the day of the reiki session being less busy than usual. The effects will be felt after falling asleep for the evening. The next morning will be met with better energy and focus.

An in-person or distance reiki session is a great incentive for having a lazy day because it induces peace of mind. Following that up by doing nothing or something fun increases the benefits of reiki.

Angelic Life Coaching
Angel Healing

What Is Angelic Life Coaching and How Does It Work?

Are you curious about your life purpose and want assistance from your angelic team?

Angelic life coaching is life coaching specific to your life purpose – the reason you are on earth in this lifetime. Guardian angels and the archangels clear energy blocks and provide messages to guide you towards your life purpose.

Guardian angels protect your soul and physical body while you are on earth. They also guide you to make changes in lifestyle so you receive their messages with clarity.

  • Diet changes.
  • Guiding you towards or away people and/or social events.
  • Meditation, prayer, and rest.

The archangels play a pivotal role in your life purpose because each one has a specific task.

  • Archangel Michael – cutting cords between you and unhealthy relationships, clearing the path so you can take the next steps with ease.
  • Archangel Gabrielle – writing (email, letters, books); caring for biological and non-biological children.
  • Archangel Raphael – healing arts, such as reiki, reflexology, massage, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Western medicine, and therapy.
  • Archangel Jophiel – creative expression: filmmaking, landscape design, painting, drawing, cooking and baking, sculpture.
  • Archangel Sandalphon – singing, writing music and lyrics, playing instruments.

Everyone has a different life purpose, regardless of familial relations. The common underlying factor is self-love and living one’s joy, which is how abundance expands.

Angelic life coaching is different from traditional life coaching because it requires less time. The angels share why you incarnated and how to manifest your heart’s desires so you can enjoy your journey. They heal energy blocks – fear – so you make choices with an open heart and mind.

There are multiple ways to approach your life purpose. Angelic life coaching is one that can help you move towards the path that is the most fun.