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10 More Things To Know About Me

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I love sharing things about myself. This is an addition to the previous list.

  1. In middle school, band was a substitute for P.E., so I joined band to avoid jumping jacks and relay racing.
  2. I’m sensitive to gluten, soy and sugar. They agitate my adrenal glands.
  3. I gave away 90% of my possessions then moved to France in summer 2017. The trip turned out to be a deeper healing for my mind, body and spirit.
  4. Archangel Metatron told me that I had a bleeding heart. I gave away too much energy. It’s time for me to receive.
  5. I’m attracted to men and women and use bisexual and queer as sexual identities. However, I know that my romantic commitment will be with a woman. They worked with me a lot to work through my sexuality.
  6. I can look back at my life and see how behaviors, interests and relationships led me to the point I am now. I am grateful for all the experiences.
  7. I frequently dream of actors, actresses and musicians — living and dead. Some come while I do yoga. These have been visits before and after crossing over, healings they wanted, or messages to me.
  8. I love popcorn. I pop it in coconut oil then season with cinnamon, Himalayan sea salt and maple syrup.
  9. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, Orange is the New Black, or Walking Dead. And this is the short list.
  10. I voted Green in the last three presidential elections.

My Veganism Is Spiritual

Living a plant-based lifestyle saved my life

My experiences with animal-based proteins were uncomfortable. Having diarrhea from pork, constipation from beef, and being grossed out by eggs made giving them up easy. My menstrual cycle was erratic, plus I felt like I was going through a metamorphosis each time I had my period.

Salmon and dairy were the hardest to give up. Making a dill-sea salt rub for the salmon then broiling it with butter was phenomenal. I kissed myself. Cheese was a joy. Havarti, smoked gouda, brie. Blue cheese was my favorite. I ate the crumbles like popcorn. The last time I ate blue cheese had me doubled over, vomiting and battling nausea and sweating.

The biggest concern that I had was maintaining my weight as a vegan. Eating more beans, root vegetables and gluten-free grains (amaranth, teff, quinoa) helped me maintain my weight. My period was even a joy to experience.

Spirit nudged me for about two years to become a raw vegan. I was like, heck no! It was more about not enjoying sweet potato fries; warm oatmeal with raisins, almonds and maple syrup; or Indian food.

As it turns out, a raw vegan diet helps me sense Spirit stronger. My clairvoyance and clairsentience have strengthened.

Other psychic mediums have shared their diet changes and relationships with Spirit. Being grounded is important, so beans, root vegetables, nuts, and seeds are vital.

I only needed to be raw temporarily to understand how diet and spirit work together. But, Spirit wants me to be primarily raw to maintain my connection. I have to stay grounded when giving psychic mediumship readings.

Many people say they are vegan for social and environmental reasons. It was never my motivations. I do love animals. Pet sitting has been the way for me to care for them. They also ground my energy. The thought of eating them has become uncomfortable as I connect with them through caregiving. They are spirits having a physical experience just as we are.

I won’t lie. I think about eating cheese, but that incident with the blue cheese straightens me out. Plus, I’ve been linking the craving for cheese to unresolved issues with the mother. We suckle the breast for nutrition, love and warmth. Closeness. The more I practice self-care the less I think about it.

Are you vegan? Considering it? Have you considered the spiritual connection between you and food?


Writing My First Children’s Song

I love being barefoot. My mom told me that I would end up with big feet. The only dainty thing about my narrow 8.5 (U.S.) is the manicure.

My favorite memory is of me, around age 9, squishing the soft red South Carolina mud between my toes after a long rain. The air smelled of pine and pig. (My grandfather was a pig farmer.) My grandmother watched me through the scene door with strange curiosity. I invited her to join me. I believe she laughed and said she would watch me from inside.

Wiggle My Toes was inspired by my fondness for being barefoot. This is the first version. My contralto voice is in development.

Wiggle My Toes

When I get out of bed
I put my hands on my head
And wiggle my toes
Wiggle my toes

Nothing’s greater
Than saving shoes for later
So I can wiggle my toes
Wiggle my toes

When I walk outside
The sun’s shining bright
Warming my toes
Warming my toes

When it rains
Silky mud stains
My pinky toes
My pinky toes

Nothing’s greater than
Saving shoes for later
So I can wiggle my toes
Wiggle my toes

© 2017 Pamela Olivia Brown
BMI/ Broadcast Music, Inc

psychic reading

The Truth of a Psychic Mediumship Reading

A psychic mediumship reading confirmed what I had been ignoring.

In 2016, a woman, who gives psychic mediumship readings for free, felt that it was urgent that she relay a message. I allowed it and she told me that my soul was very old and that I had a big job to do. At that moment the strangers that told me the same thing many years ago started to sink in. The psychic then told me that my move to Paris, France was about letting go of my old story, telling new ones, and maturing.

I was stunned then I cried the rest of the evening. I believed her.

 For years different people, all strangers, have been telling me that I have a big job to do. I nodded in response then quickly ignored the messages. It wasn’t until I started developing my psychic abilities that I started to realize how much those messages were true.

Since being in Paris I have let go of more old behaviors and stories. My maturity is about accepting my soul mission and life purpose and realizing how it’s tied to me receiving love, abundance and prosperity. The most interesting part has been learning how to maintain my vibration so that the manifesting is continuous.

Everything I thought I knew about myself is shifting. I’m still a writer but not only of children’s stories but of children’s songs. Spirit said that I am a musician at heart. Looking back I see that it is true. I have always loved music. I was in band, mostly to avoid taking P.E., and songwriting has been an interest. Music festivals nourish me.

I did hit a slump recently, but Spirit reminded me to relax, write a song about what I want then sing it. When I did the Universe swept me up and took care of me.

And the big job that I have…it’s about me sharing who I am, allowing myself to be seen, and being comfortable with all the twists and turns my life has taken. Simple conversations with strangers turn out to be great exchanges of knowledge, culture and laughs. Because of this, people have fed me and I have stayed in hotels for free. Free!!!

I don’t know what tomorrow brings. In reality, I don’t know what tonight will bring but I know I will be taken care of.

Are you in alignment with your soul mission and life purpose? How does that look for you?

Spirit Healing

Donation-Based Life Path Readings

Would you be 100% happy if nothing in your life changed?

My life has been peaceful, happy and abundant since reconnecting with Spirit. I’d like to share that with you.

As gratitude, I’m offering donation-based Life Path Readings + energy healing. 

Life Path Readings gives you direction about which route leads you to prosperity, abundance, and joy. It’s an integration of Pythagorean numerology and messages from Spirit. The reading will be sent via email.

All donations go to the True Colored Fund fundraiser to help LGBT youth experiencing homelessness.