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Energy Forecast

Energy Forecast for 2018

It’s a new calendar year. The universal vibration for 2018 is 2. (2+0+1+8 = 11/2) Two carries feminine energy; this year is about receptivity, balance, cooperation, and wisdom.

Although 1 January is the beginning, the energy of the two began in the fall of 2017 around the autumn equinox on 22 September. We can reap what we sowed in 2017.

Archangel Gabriel has the following message:

Take heed this time to relax into feminine energy, to receive guidance from your Higher Self, the angels, and your spirit guides.

Your inner wisdom comes from lifetimes of reincarnation on this planet. It comes to you in dreams, meditations, and times of play and relaxation. Stress hinders this process.

Balance comes in many forms: eating food that makes you feel vibrant; drinking plenty of clean water; doing yoga and dancing; saying no to things and people that do not nurture your values; and standing in your Truth.

Some of you felt the shift last year internally of your psychic abilities growing, your temper quieting, communities shifting, and your beliefs changing. This will continue. Allow it to do so.

In this year, you will do much of the same but in a more relaxed mode. Take heed that this is a time to receive a bounty of love, joy and prosperity. Many of you worked hard, perhaps too hard, getting your life in order. We angels thank you for stepping up to save yourselves and others from a life of suffering.

This year will be fruitful in ways you cannot imagine. Staying in a mode of receptivity is easy through joy. Spend time with friends and family, plants and animals, and have lots of solitary time.

We angels will not make predictions for the future of 2018, but will say that this year will be turbulent for some, peaceful for others. Send love to all, more to those who suffer. May they find peace when they turn inwards. Do not rush anyone towards inner peace, only observe, send love, and be the light that you are.

Peace be upon you all in this new year.


Archangel Gabriel




December 2017 Angel Message

December energy is about rest and play. Not enough humans rest and play. They need to pull their heads out of the clouds, worrying about everything, and relax.

Stop controlling what cannot be controlled.

We angels are ready to give the humans their bounties, but they must be ready, with an open heart. I mean no harm in my words, but too much strife is happening in the hearts of humans. They need to vibrate higher and higher. Consume less and less. Care more and more. So much opportunity to be in a different place.

The gateway that opened on 11/11 continues on through the winter solstice. We angels will be waiting with open arms to welcome the humans. We are waiting to raise the fiber of Mother Earth with many more humans.

The crystal children need more love and care from the older humans. They need more older humans leading the way. The adults with the power to help are stuck in a rut. They are worried about the goings on in the physical world and be that they may. But these human conditions in the physical world were created from a place of fear. It controls the mind and body. RELEASE FEAR!!!

The physical world needs to be constructed from a place of love and joy, not status. Not to fill a void. Heal that energy. Attract from within, as it has been said before. Money will flow endlessly afterwards.

Love and joy first. Bounty second.

Call on your guardian angels to guide you towards joy. Call on Archangel Gabriel for creative expression; Archangel Jophiel for joy, beautiful thoughts and to connect you deeper to your soul.

Connect. Connect. Connect through joy. Your bounty is connected through joy.

All will be well, you will see, when you are connected to things that make your heart sing.

The nights are getting longer. The darkness is meant for rest. Please rest. You will need your energy in the day to play. Think of children. They rest to have more energy to play. They fight rest but thrive on it unknowingly.

We angels are here for you. Call on us more often. Call on us to find ways to have fun.

For all of you wayshowers, lightworkers and keepers of the light, please take better care of yourselves. Self-care is important. The coming days, weeks, months will show you how and where to shine your light. It is desperately needed. Some of you will be moving. Others changing directions. Be open to the changes. Let go of what does not serve your Highest good. We will help you. Call on us to help. Your prosperity and abundance will flow in effortlessly.

Be open. Be free. Be the light that you are. Be grateful. Be well.

Archangel Barachiel

Angel Message

Weekly Energy Reading for November 12 – 18

November 12 – 18, 2017 has the universal vibration of 1. The keyword for this week is momentum. This comes after last week’s shedding of old energy.


All of us angels are at the ready to receive you for the new gateway that opened on 11/11. This is a momentous time to revelate. Receive if you let go of old habits, behaviors and people. Our dear Metatron advised you to let go, and that you should heed as a message of total love.

We are hear to help you step into a New World, new life, and create a new legacy of love. Build from the inside out and be your True authentic self. Always. This will propel you forward within the gateway.

Being spiritual is an internal discovery. It is a solitary endeavor, but you need not do it alone, as there are others seeking a similar truth. In this gateway you will find your soul mate. Do not confuse this as a romantic message. Soul mate are those who share similar values. It is vital that you step into the gateway with an intention to serve others from a place of love, nothing more.

There is nothing to worry about once you step into this gateway. It will stay open for several months. You can step out, but why go back to a low vibration?

Once you are in this gateway your life will accelerate. It will have stops and starts to allow you to rest and play. Realize this is an ebb and flow of the Universe is granting you because you erased fear from your heart.

This time is momentous, indeed. Hold onto your hats, as you say. This will be bumpy for those not ready to handle all that has been in spiritual escrow. Continue to let go of what does not serve your Highest good. It makes room for more abundance and prosperity.

Think of all things big and small: your daily latte, clothes you haven’t worn in decades, old bicycles you’ll never ride again, papers hidden and tucked away. These seem miniscule in comparison to old wounds, but they are connected. You will let go of wounds as you clean out clutter. You will notice your feeling freer and having more good coming into your life.

This gateway is good for us all — angels and humans — as we will heal Mother Earth and ancestors. Future generations will thrive.

Better get started now, as this week will seem to go by in a blink of an eye. Keep your heart open and stay grounded. Don’t get caught up in extraneous distractions in the media. It does nothing for you except distract you from your Highest good. Be well, children. Be well, as we will help you soar into a world of love.

Archangel Gabriel

Angel Message

Weekly Energy Reading for November 5 – 11

The universal numerology vibration for 5 – 11 November 2017 is 9. Rebirth and endings is the message from Archangel Metatron.


We are at a time of great change, closing doors to what does not serve you for the Highest good. It is a detriment to the world to carry on with worry, fear and doubt. It is not clear to some that this is a time to let go of old wounds and stories. It is a time to move on so we — angels and humans — carry on together for a new world order.

Rebirth can only happen when you allow death to happen. It is symbolic, death, but very necessary. It is vital to let go of the dead weight you carry so close to your hearts. Rebirth is letting go and starting anew.

Think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes in full flame regalia, burning the air around it, purifying it so that it can take flight with new energy. This is how humans need to step forward and live.

It is not easy for some, but others, many actually, know that it is time to let go of old energy but are afraid to do so. They want to be in control. All they are controlling is their lack of happiness. Nothing comes from that.

Remedy the lack by meditating on the success, joy, love, abundance and prosperity you once had. See where in your life you had it unequivocally and bask in those feelings.

Remember joy. Remember love. Remember abundance. Remember prosperity. Focus on those memories rather than lack. This is how you manifest more of those things. Bask in it like it’s the light of the sun.

The energy coming in this week is glorious. We angels want you all to bask in it. Surrender to us and we will take you to a dimension worthy of this trust.

Archangel Metatron