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Achieving Clarity with Automatic Writing

I used to equate channeling and automatic writing with Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Spirits would swoop in and use me as a puppet to convey their message. The stories and messages channeled by Esther Hicks and Jane Roberts fueled my anxiety. I wasn’t going anywhere near it.

My spirit family nudged me to move forward. I don’t know why, when, where, or how the fear disappeared, but it did. I downloaded Slade Roberson’s Automatic Writing class and hoped for the best. Slade gives a few lectures about automatic writing, the process, and how it can be used. His southern voice helped me feel at home being a southerner myself.

I learned that there is a difference between trance channeling (what Roberts and Hicks does) and a more active channeling in which you are aware of the messages coming to you. No hostile takeovers from the other side. I was relived and more excited to do the attunement. It’s a meditation with the added component of charging an object with a symbol given to you by a spirit guide. The object helps you during automatic writing sessions.

The feeling of love surrounded me during the attunement. A guide dressed for a Dogon ceremony walked towards me. He was tall, lythe, friendly, and handed me the symbol to charge my object. Yes, I am being super secretive about parts of my process. But it was beautiful.

Communicating with my Higher Self the rest of my spirit family through automatic writing has been awesome. They share messages in a gentle and loving way. I have gained a lot more clarity about my life. My spirit family shed light on areas that I could work on to bring forth more abundance. I was guided about how to use and share my drawings, paintings, and photography. Each message was loving. No judgment. I even broached big questions about the universe. Again, the message was gentle and loving.

Automatic writing helped me save time, money, and shifted my perspectives about many things. With fear and anxiety out of the way I look forward to more loving conversation.