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Holistic Health

The Four Levels of Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

There are four levels of healing: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. One can experience one or all during a healing, which can take place during the following activities:

  • Reiki session (private and distance)
  • Affirmations
  • Chanting
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Praying
  • Meditating
  • Journaling
  • Dreaming
  • Drinking herbal infusions
  • Sound healing
  • Gemstone healing
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Therapy
  • Reading spiritual materials
  • Spending time with positive people

You can combine many of these activities, like chanting affirmations while outdoors; meditating with gemstones; praying over an herbal infusion; or working with a therapist who gives reiki as part of the appointment. Below is how healing looks on each level.

This type of healing is related to the physical body. The health of bones, blood, muscles, tendons, joints, skin, hair, nails, etc., can improve. Physical healing is also related to the root chakra. Issues with safety, prosperity and abundance can shift, too.

Related to the sacral chakra, emotional healing takes place in the form of healthier boundaries between you and food, people and ideas. You feel worthy of living a better life. Your intuition and creativity expands as you heal on this level.

Thoughts, confidence, courage and joy are healed on the mental level. The solar plexus governs this energy. You become more action-oriented when healed.

Spiritual awakenings happen at the heart level. The connection to your soul gets stronger, as does your openness to self-love. You learn about your life purpose and step in the energy to manifest it. Compassion is the action taken to help others in need; it is how you share your love with others.

Together, all four levels of healing mind, body and spirit leads you to change your life. You are mindful of what you consume, whom you invite into your social circle, and how you move forward with your life.

Although you may not notice it right away, healing does take place in all the chakras, specifically the ones mentioned. With patience and persistence, you will be living your joy.


June Energy Calls for Solitude, Reflection and Creativity

The energy for June is mixed with passion, creativity and the yearning to retreat. Here are three tips to achieve all three.

Quiet Your Mind
Turn off your cell phone, computer, tablet, television, and other devices that plug you into the outside world.

Sing and Dance
This moves out busybody energy. It is possible to sing and dance without the help of playlist. If no songs come to mind, sing a children’s song.

Entertain your inner child by drawing or coloring. You can draw if you can draw shapes. Everything in the world is made of circles, triangles and squares.

This prepares you for the following exercises:

1. Reflect on challenges and successes from the last few months.
2. Set intentions for the rest of 2017.
3. Think about which ideas and relationships you want to nurture so that your intentions manifest.

This helped me plan my move to Paris, France. I traveled there in January 2017, unplugged, doodled, sang, danced then realized what I needed to let go to start a new life in France. This went deeper than getting rid of clothes and furniture. I needed to step outside my comfort zone. I thought I was only going to visit France once, but my spirit had been yearning to call it home.

Playing small was a hard habit to break.

A small retreat will quiet your mind and body so you can see where you can expand and receive greater abundance. Try it for thirty minutes then allow your spirit to guide you.


Holistic Health

Anger Can Be Healthy

I felt the anger of the collective consciousness, as well as my own, a few days ago. People were ablaze with emotion over events in the world.

My own anger was about choices I made when I should have said no. Specifically, I befriended a woman who was also an energy healer. While riding in her car, she turned towards me, smiled wide, and told me that she only connects with people she can get something from then she walks away when she’s done using them. Her laugh that followed expressed her seriousness.

Anxiety coursed through my body. I wanted to get out of her car, but we were on the highway. So, I kept my mouth shut. The relationship spiraled because she didn’t get what she wanted. She blamed me.

I’ve been angry because I was waiting for her to take responsibility for her behavior. I stopped being angry when I realized that she was mirroring unworthiness back at me.

I tell clients to love themselves then share what they can spare. Practicing what I preached had been a challenge.

Anger can be healthy when you understand why it is present. You can see which part of your life needs healing. This is no easy task. It requires being comfortable looking at yourself and taking responsibility for your part in whatever situation that led to the anger.

The next time anger surfaces see if you can step away and examine it. Look at it from multiple angles. Do the same if you feel anger rising just as something takes place. You’ll learn what triggers the emotion.

Ask yourself what the trigger is mirroring back at you. Also, explore the possibility of being highly sensitive or an empath. In any case, saying no to unhealthy people and situations reduces moments when you would risk life and limb to get away.


Work With Loving Ancestors

We stand on the shoulders of the elders who came before us. When they transition from the physical world to the spiritual they look out for us every moment of the day.

But not all ancestors are loving.

If the souls of our ancestors decide to stay in the physical realm, they are hanging out with the same ideas, behaviors, and attitudes they had when they were in their physical bodies. If they were living in fear, they are guiding us from that fear.

Souls that cross over into the light go through a process to shed their earthly lives. They transcend the emotional, mental, and spiritual consciousness that they once had. They learn from their earthly experience.

Ancestors in the light guide us from a place of love.

I have removed ancestors from my life because they are still holding on to fear. They refuse to cross over into the light because of fear.

Work with loving ancestors.

Call on Archangels Michael and Azreal to remove the ancestors who are not at the vibration of love. Michael protects people and removes obstacles. Azreal helps souls cross over into the light. Ask them to remove the other spirits around you who are not at a vibration of love.


Dear Archangels Michael and Azreal,

                                    Please remove all spirits from me and my home  who are not at the vibration of love. Thank you.


The energy around you will shift. Messages from loving ancestors, and other spirits, will be clearer.

I still send love to my ancestors who are not in the light. Yes, they do refuse to cross over even with an angelic escort. But their guidance is absent from my life. I feel lighter.

Think of working with Archangels Michael and Azreal as an angelic spring cleaning. Call on them and connect with ancestors who will guide you with loving intentions.

Personal Development

Be The Change You Want To See

The world is diverse. A lot of different things are happening simultaneously in different spaces. People have differing opinions about many things. The adage, “Be the change you want to see” is often used when people are disheartened by what is happening in the world.

I hear and see this adage everywhere. I am actually tired of it. But, I also embrace it because I have been actively integrating the meaning of it into my life. I have changed a lot in the last year. The last three months alone had me going through a metamorphosis. I was literally shedding skin the other day. Out with the old, in with the new.

To be the change you want to see means stepping back and doing an assessment about who you are, what you are about, and looking at the relationship with those in your life. This is what spiritual and personal development is about. You are becoming more acquainted with your Inner Child. Your Inner Child has answers to your questions about fear, anxiety, joy, love and abundance.

Your Inner Self in your inner world. Everything outside of you is a reflection of you. Think about who you are, what you believe, your values and interests. This is your foundation. Your Truth. Claim your Truth with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and visualizations. Share that truth with others through verbal and non-verbal communication and support it by how you act. As you change and expand, so will your external world. Embrace change.

Close Friends & Family love, respect and support you. They share your values and interests. This is your inner circle. You choose who is in this circle. Just as you painstakingly claimed your Truth, claim your friends and romantic partner(s). You can move biological and chosen family members inside and outside this circle as well

Community includes spaces where you can be yourself without fear. This may include school, church/spiritual home, neighborhood, museums, galleries, bookstores and organizations. You spend time in these spaces because they nurture you. They are reflections of your Truth. You can welcome people in these spaces into your inner circle as well.

The World is everything outside of you. You decide what you want to connect to, engage with and consume. Current events, entertainment, food, gossip, acquaintances, co-workers, family members, unknown people. You are also in this world. Just as you are consciously moving people and things around, so are others. Realize that your changing paradigm may not fit into someone else’s.

If you don’t like the world you live in then change it. Do the work. Take full responsibility for yourself. It will take time, but know that you will succeed. With every step you will become the world that you want to live in.