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Angelic Life Coaching
Angel Healing

What Is Angelic Life Coaching and How Does It Work?

Are you curious about your life purpose and want assistance from your angelic team?

Angelic life coaching is life coaching specific to your life purpose – the reason you are on earth in this lifetime. Guardian angels and the archangels clear energy blocks and provide messages to guide you towards your life purpose.

Guardian angels protect your soul and physical body while you are on earth. They also guide you to make changes in lifestyle so you receive their messages with clarity.

  • Diet changes.
  • Guiding you towards or away people and/or social events.
  • Meditation, prayer, and rest.

The archangels play a pivotal role in your life purpose because each one has a specific task.

  • Archangel Michael – cutting cords between you and unhealthy relationships, clearing the path so you can take the next steps with ease.
  • Archangel Gabrielle – writing (email, letters, books); caring for biological and non-biological children.
  • Archangel Raphael – healing arts, such as reiki, reflexology, massage, acupuncture, Ayurveda, Western medicine, and therapy.
  • Archangel Jophiel – creative expression: filmmaking, landscape design, painting, drawing, cooking and baking, sculpture.
  • Archangel Sandalphon – singing, writing music and lyrics, playing instruments.

Everyone has a different life purpose, regardless of familial relations. The common underlying factor is self-love and living one’s joy, which is how abundance expands.

Angelic life coaching is different from traditional life coaching because it requires less time. The angels share why you incarnated and how to manifest your heart’s desires so you can enjoy your journey. They heal energy blocks – fear – so you make choices with an open heart and mind.

There are multiple ways to approach your life purpose. Angelic life coaching is one that can help you move towards the path that is the most fun.



Angel Healing

Guardian Angels Protect Your Life Purpose

You have angels, archangels, and guardian angels assigned to you when you incarnate. Your guardian angels protect your mind, body and soul as you work on your life purpose.

There are two types of guardian angels – ashers and silver cord technicians. The number of guardian angels depends on the age of your soul and life purpose. Some people have one guardian angel, while others have two or more. One guardian angel can serve as both asher and silver cord technician.

My soul is old, so I have two ashers and one silver cord technician.

The asher guardian angel protects your physical body from harm. It also helps you make healthy choices about diet, exercise, rest, and play. The goal is to keep your vibration high so that you are open to intuitive messages about steps to take on your life path.

Your soul is tethered to your body by a silver cord. Another person or spirit can never sever that cord. The silver cord technician ensures that. When you astral travel during sleep (even naps!) or meditations, your silver cord technician is there protecting it. The cord is only severed when you have completed your life purpose.

Your asher and silver cord technician also work together to nudge you along your life path. They enfold you in their energy every moment of the day to love, protect, and support you on your life path.

Meditation is an effective way to meet your guardian angels.

  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
  • Say silently or aloud, “How many guardian angels do I have?” You may see, hear or feel the response.
  • Follow up with, “How many ashers do I have?” then “How many silver cord technicians do I have?” Again, you will see, hear or feel the response.

After meet your guardian angels, ask them to give you clear messages about your life purpose. They love to help you.