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dharma is a boat

moving forward on an airplane from history to new endeavors carries a kilogram of anxiety.

cumulus clouds
casting shadows on the land
growing shades of green.

there are some things from the past worth accessing to feel grounded.

ancient sanskrit texts
penetrate my inner child
with loving patience.

internal waters
run deep, flowing over land,
turning it into stones…

that are safe to traverse
after years of practice,
sipping on wild crafted herbs
calming flesh
so the soul can speak.

montreuil, île-de-france
8 july 2017

Personal Story

Sharing The Love

I spent the day handing out rose quartz and leaving them in random places the day before the 2016 U.S. presidential election. I called it my “sharing the love” day. I had a lot of fun doing it.

I was inspired by the story in Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes of Jesus infusing random stones his energy. He left them behind for others to find so they would feel the love in his heart.

Keara Mitchell was a nineteen-year old woman who transitioned into the spirit world from Lyme’s dis-ease. She loved to travel and wanted to go New Zealand. I was inspired by her story, too.

i feel a closeness to your soul
when i gaze at your unfamiliar face

you shed your body
to travel freely
to inspire others
to shed their inhibitions

the rose quartz i carry
in your honor
pours love into my every cell

every step i take
i do with you
leaving impressions of freedom

Her brother left a basket of rose quartz at her favorite store for people to take and leave wherever they traveled.

Her story is a reminder to be free, love ourselves deeply, and share that love with others. I’m doing the same as I prepare to move to France.