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What I Learned About Myself Living In France

Taking a leap of faith garnered unexpected healing and abilities

It’s Time To Let Go of Old Energy
I let go of enough fear to move to France but I still navigated the world with old habits. I met the same kind of people, which resulted in the results. Once I let go I had more time for myself and more of my Truth started to surface. Living my Truth meant everything from before no longer fit into my life, including fear. This left me open for more abundance and prosperity, which does not look like I expected.

My Morning Spiritual Practice Is Important
House and pet sitting taught me that I need to spend the mornings grounding my energy and focusing on taking care of myself first before sharing my energy. I love animals and will have a cat of my own, but, for now, self-love is a priority. No compromises. The right cat will enter my life when I have ‘mastered’ taking care of me. Plus, I can care for stray cats until that time comes.

Being Vegan Is Spiritual
Living a vegan lifestyle Living a vegan lifestyle changed my relationship with food. I went vegetarian in 2008 then vegan in 2015. Both transitions helped me understand myself, my relationship to food and the emotional impact of having cravings.

I hear my Higher Self more on a vegan diet. Spirit nudged me to go raw for detox reasons. Honestly, I resisted but understood afterwards. Living vegan in a country that cherishes cheese and pork helped me focus inward and honor the lifestyle that allows me to have fewer health issues and be led by messages of love.

My Vibe Attracts My Tribe
I hung out at the ‘golden arches’ a lot because it has free WiFi. They operate differently in Paris, playing house music, serving cheesecake, and staying open late. I love house music, but I released cheesecake and everything else that the restaurant serves, and I’m usually in bed early. I met nice people, but they aren’t my tribe. I missed out meeting my tribe because I wanted to be online. In order to experience the capacity of my healing I needed to be in the park around nature and those who enjoy it too.

My tribe hangs out in yoga and meditation studios, art galleries, vegan stores and restaurants, independent film theatres and in parks. Now that I’m temporarily back in the U.S. that’s where people will find me.

Be Specific About What I Want
Thoughts and feelings create our reality. When I’m vague about what I want or have fear, I manifest what I need but it’s not satisfactory. If I want a one-bedroom apartment in a particular area (Saint-Germain-des-Pres, s’il vous plait et merci) then that’s what I need to affirm rather than only asking for a place in France. I get what I ask for and how deserving of it I feel.

I Am Worthy of Abundance and Prosperity
I had an issue with receiving. I noticed it when I was house and pet sitting. People homes to me and stated that I was welcome to anything. I felt guilty about eating the food they left. When I had this discovery I worked with Spirit to work through that stagnated energy. I let go. I affirm every day now: I am worthy of receiving abundance and prosperity.


Attitude of Gratitude for 2015

This year has been a whirlwind for me. In numerology, the universal number and my personal year is an 8. Power, abundance, rewards, money. Solar plexus related characteristics.

I have grown stronger internally moving through challenges, releasing fear, anxiety and ideas of lack. Every time I released the Old I was rewarded with New blessings. They came in the form of ideas, opportunities, people and projects. I am grateful for all my experiences on my journey.

  1. The seven months caring for a 93-year old man.
  2. Learning from Denika “Kelarius Finex” Laurie how to connect to Mother Earth and the earth angels.
  3. Starting my publishing company.
  4. Publishing my haiku chapbook, Love Letters to Ani.
  5. Participating in NaNoWriMo.
  6. Help from SCORE.
  7. Being able to afford the time, energy and money on the things that really matter in my life.
  8. Gemstones.
  9. Finding a way to return to marketing consulting that is in alignment with my values and interests.
  10. Coming out of the psychic and bisexual closet.
  11. The Akashic Records readings revealing that I was born on Archangel Jophiel’s ray.
  12. Learning how to journey and meeting my ancestors in the Lower and Upper Worlds.
  13. My giraffe finger puppet.
  14. Learning how to have faith in my spiritual abilities.
  15. Working with Slade Roberson to release my fear of direct talk mediumship and automatic writing.
  16. Kale, raw cacao,
  17. Manna bread, avocados and nuts.
  18. Everyone who bought me snacks from my NaNoWriMo wish list.
  19. Getting messages from spirit via email, Youtube videos and conversations with friends.
  20. My reiki attunements.
  21. My freelance writing gigs.
  22. La Table Française.
  23. The Goddess Emissaries.
  24. My connection with my spirit guides, ascended masters, angels and Higher Self.
  25. My practice clients.
  26. Memoirs.
  27. Jazz.
  28. Incubus.
  29. Art, poetry, baking and cooking.
  30. My ten-year old laptop.
  31. My nieces and nephew.
  32. Bubbles.
  33. Rain.
  34. Yoga, meditation and ayurveda.

The list will continue. I just wanted to share a small part of what my happy place looks like.

What are you grateful for?


My Practice Giving Spirit Guide Readings

I have been developing my spiritual abilities by giving people spirit guide readings. Prior to this, I worked independently for a year developing my abilities through self-care and exercises to strengthen my clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance.

In my spirit guide readings I have been able to see chakras, hear auras (yes, hearing the names of colors), and get messages about the clients overall demeanor and health. In the same sessions I am able to tune into various entities within one’s spirit family – angels at various levels, ascended masters, ancestors, and a few family members. Being surrounded by angels feels like a loving hug around the neck and shoulders.

Giving spirit guide readings has helped me realize how connected we truly are.

In the last few months I have become more aware of my own spirit family. Mother Mary has been with my entire life, but I’ve only recently been able to see and hear her. I don’t remember ever having imaginary friends as a child, which are said to actually be spirit guides or family members. Now, as an adult, I have many invisible friends. I have developed a lot of clarity about my past lives, current life, and how to move forward in the next several months.

It was important to me that I only do spirit guide readings with healthy boundaries in place and have fun with it. I only give a reading when I feel like I can give my client my full attention. And, I do have lots of fun. Since some spirit guides have lived on earth in a human body they sometimes come to me with names, personalities, and jokes. The more serious the client, the funnier the spirit guide. They seem to help the client have fun and remain balanced. Of course, this is my current working theory.

Stay tuned as I will be sharing more about my experience giving spirit guide readings.

Holistic Health

Developing Your Spiritual Abilities Through Self Care

There is a connection between self-care and developing your spiritual abilities. When you are happy, rested, balanced, and healthy your connection to your Higher Self and spirit guides strengthens and expands.

Spending time multi-tasking, taking responsibility for everyone and everything, focusing your attention on what’s in the media, and being surrounded by negative people will divide your attention and wear out your energy. Always being on the go, drinking caffeine to remain alert, not eating or sleeping means that you may be missing messages from your spirit guides.

Self-care reduces stress, fear, and anxiety. Self-care is self-love. Love yourself, be your own best friend. It is important to take care of yourself first before extending yourself to others. It allows you to establish healthier boundaries, save time, money, and energy. Releasing what you do not need will open you to more spiritual guidance. Your life will shift to the point of attracting more positive people and opportunities into your life. Your spiritual abilities will expand and deepen as you take care of yourself.

This by no means is an exhaustive list. Listen to your body, it will tell you what you need to relax and be healthy. Caring for yourself and allowing others to care for you is nurturing. When you are relaxed your spirit guides come in and heal you as well. Your spiritual abilities will develop over time. Look over the list, see what resonates, and incorporate it into your life.

Ask for Help
Allow yourself to accept help from the friends, family members, and co-workers who have been reaching out to you. Your spirit guides love you and are sending these people to you so you can become more balanced.

Daily Devotionals
Taking the moment to pray, chant, or read spiritual or religious material is a way to connect to the Creator. Devotionals can be in the form of affirmations. They help you shift your consciousness, change old behaviors, and manifest greatness.

Drink more water, herbal tea, tisanes, and fruit and vegetable smoothies. Hydrating this way, rather than with caffeinated or sugar-laden drinks, will detox and cleanse your body from the inside out. Your skin will glow and you’ll have additional energy during the day.

Eat Fresh Produce
Eat more plant-based food. Nuts, seeds, herbs, fruit and vegetables add fiber, vitamins and minerals to your diet. Check out your farmer’s market, CSA (community supported agriculture), and explore the parts of the produce section in your grocery store that you may have been ignoring.

Go a step further and grow your own food in your kitchen, backyard, or community garden. Connecting to the earth will ground you. You will develop patience, become stress-free, and best of all, fresh food that you have grown yourself.

Being active increases the blood flow in your body, elevates endorphins, strengthens your body, and builds up your stamina. Your body purges what is not needed through your sweat. Exercise reduces stress and helps you sleep better at night. Get back to what you used to love or try something different. Run, walk, basketball, tai chi, indoor rock climbing – get your body moving.

Getting enough sleep in the evenings, or even taking a short nap during the day, gives your mind and body time to relax and recharge. Your body is telling you it’s ready for bed when you feel yourself slow down. The yawning, dozing off, and just feeling tired are also clues. Rather than push through it waiting for your second wind – go to bed! If you are up late doing lots of work it is because you have taken on too much. Release what is not working for you and sleep it off.

Also, your spirit guides spend time teaching you lessons while you are asleep because you are more open to their guidance. Whatever they share with you will be in your subconscious then rise to the surface of your consciousness when it is most needed. Think of sleep as your spiritual university. Interestingly enough, your guides will give you homework in the form of introducing you to new people, ideas and situations. This is to see how well your awareness has shifted, accepting new opportunities, connecting to people, and making healthier decisions.

Take long deep breaths during the day. Inhale through your nose and release the breathe through your mouth several times. This oxygenates your blood and gives you added energy. This is where the idea of prana comes in. Prana is Sanskrit for life force. When you do focused breathing you are waking up the cells in your body, which causes a chain reaction of detoxing and cleansing your sinuses, lungs, digestive system, and mind. Our cells regenerate. When your body is free of toxins your cells can regenerate cleaner.

Research pranayama, alternate nostril breathing, and the breath of fire. See what resonates with you and incorporate it into your daily routine.

This is the be-all way of self-care and developing your spiritual abilities. Meditation cultivates silence, stillness, and self-awareness. Meditation opens and stimulates your crown chakra, which connects you to your Higher Self and the universe. You will receive messages about what needs attention in your life and how to move forward.
There are various ways to meditate. Sitting meditation is the most commonly known way. Some sitting meditation techniques incorporate chanting, focusing on an object (mandala, candle light, deva), or simply focusing on the breath.

Walking meditation is an active meditation technique. You focus your awareness on your breath as you take each step. It can be done anywhere – in the park, at work, in your neighborhood. Take a step during your inhalation then another during exhalation. You will become more aware of your natural breath. You will develop patience in the process.

Shift from using daydreams as an escape from your reality. Visualize your success or dream vacation. Cultivate the emotion you intend to feel once you have achieved that desired goal. This is how manifesting abundance happens. Daydreaming with intention shifts your subconscious and conscious mind. Your spirit guides will take notice and help make your daydreams a reality.

See yourself taking the necessary steps (and accomplishing each one) that will lead you to your vacation home in Maui or Thailand. If you want to start your own business, see yourself procuring the capital and team that will help you build your empire. See and feel yourself having fun and enjoying what you want to manifest. Your daydreams have power.

Spend Time Outdoors
Trees, grass, flowers, rivers, oceans, and fresh air cultivate a natural calm. Think about how much your time away from work and other responsibilities already takes place outdoors. Bodies of water like rivers, streams, oceans, and waterfalls have negative ions that cleanse your aura. Parks and other wooded areas are grounding. Walking around barefoot, sitting on the ground, and hugging a tree (yes, hug a tree) removes tension and other negative energy from your body.

Do Nothing
Sounds odd, huh? Sit down or lie down and do not do anything. No thinking, reading, meditating, or worrying. No daydreaming either. Just be.

Play music that makes you want to move your body. Dancing is about having fun and getting into the rhythm of life. Move beyond tapping your foot and nodding your head. Get up and turn dancing into a full-bodied expression. If you don’t know the latest moves – make one up. Wave your hands in the air, do the Dallas Drop, wiggle it. Go salsa dancing with friends and family. Try that Zumba® class you have been contemplating. Reconnect with the Divine Feminine through belly dancing. Spend time dancing with your partner on date night. However you do it, have fun.

Journaling is sacred. It is a safe way of getting thoughts and feelings off your chest. You can list your fears, worries, joys, ideas, and goals without anyone judging you. Keeping a journal allows you to chronicle your life, observe shifts in consciousness, and rework creative ideas until you are ready to share them.

Keep a dream journal, as dreams provide you with messages via symbols, conversations, locations, animals, colors, and numbers. Repetitive dreams are messages within themselves. Are you caught up in a cycle? Are you missing the help you need? Your dreams will tell you. Dreams are sometimes ways for your subconscious to process your day, but there are still messages within those images. Dreams can be menacing, funny, esoteric, or mundane. Write them down. Dreams help make decisions to take care of yourself for when you are awake.

Journaling can be done longhand in a bound book or in a document on a computer. Try something different and keep a visual journal by including images that you draw, paint, or cut out of magazines. Take a leap of faith and start a blog or video journal. Sometime sharing helps others realize that they are not alone.

Take A Bath
Drawing a warm bath with Epson salt and essential oil will relax your mind and body. It is a time of silence and rejuvenation. Try lavender, rose, ylang ylang, or chamomile. Inhaling the fragrance will ‘reset’ your mood to calm and peace.

Return To Childhood
The list is endless: hopscotch, jump rope, hula hoop, jacks, tick tac toe, finger painting, turning cartwheels. It may seem silly, but there was part of your childhood when you were happy and carefree. Return to that. If you have children, nieces and nephews, or children in your neighborhood you have access to fun and frivolity. Join them in the activities you may have only supervised.

Take a Class or Workshop
Taking a class in art, cooking, yoga, a second language, or anything that you are passionate about will feed your mind, body and soul. Check your local college, spiritual center, health food store, or bookstore for their monthly calendar. You will meet like-minded people in these classes, expand your consciousness and develop new skills.

Minimize Digital Noise
Turning off the television, radio, computer, and cell phones when you eat a meal and at least an hour before you go to sleep in the evenings. Reduce your usage during the day. The silence will allow your mind to relax and you will be able to connect to your Higher Self and hear messages from your spirit guides.

Be well!


Letting Go of Attachments

People attached to their suffering experience pain in some way every moment of the day. They self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, food, or any other substance and activity that allows them to forget their pain.

I was attached to food, especially sugar. Little Debbie and I were best friends. Oatmeal crème pies were the go-to emotional crutch. I actually finished an entire box in a matter of minutes. My suffering was related to my mother’s suffering. She was unhappy and shared it. Her father was unhappy and he shared it. I would hazard a guess that he inherited his suffering too.

Because of this suffering, I understand what we traditionally call addiction. The passive-aggressive behavior, co-dependency, enabling, criticizing, controlling, manipulating, yelling, name calling, and unhealthy boundaries come with this territory. I exhibited some of it myself.

Being on high alert when my name was called and feeling like I wanted to jump out of my skin put a lot of wear and tear on my nerves, neck, back, and shoulders. One day I got tired of being tired.

From a spiritual perspective, these have been lessons to grow my soul. We incarnate into the physical world to learn lessons so that we can move forward. When we don’t recognize our suffering, we repeat a cycle until we do.

Through meditation, journaling, yoga, and changing to a vegan diet has given me ways to let go of my attachments. I have released sugar from my diet. I still enjoy sweets, but they come in the form of fruit. I even cook with it.

When I’m faced with adversity I find that I am able to observe it then move on with my life. I have come a long way.

The people who are suffering will find something imperfect within view and act out. They are asking for help. They either don’t know how to ask for it or are too afraid of what the answer will be. No is debilitating. This is ego.

When I was suffering I wished death upon many. I even planned a few accidents and funerals in my mind. I can now look at those who are suffering with love and compassion. I often ask the angels to send them love. This act is part of my morning routine.

Letting go of attachments is a practice. Your ego will want to fall back into old habits. Working intentionally and actively will help you break free. Your awareness will change, as will your way of being.

Once you let go, your soul will move you to greater heights.