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June Energy Calls for Solitude, Reflection and Creativity

The energy for June is mixed with passion, creativity and the yearning to retreat. Here are three tips to achieve all three.

Quiet Your Mind
Turn off your cell phone, computer, tablet, television, and other devices that plug you into the outside world.

Sing and Dance
This moves out busybody energy. It is possible to sing and dance without the help of playlist. If no songs come to mind, sing a children’s song.

Entertain your inner child by drawing or coloring. You can draw if you can draw shapes. Everything in the world is made of circles, triangles and squares.

This prepares you for the following exercises:

1. Reflect on challenges and successes from the last few months.
2. Set intentions for the rest of 2017.
3. Think about which ideas and relationships you want to nurture so that your intentions manifest.

This helped me plan my move to Paris, France. I traveled there in January 2017, unplugged, doodled, sang, danced then realized what I needed to let go to start a new life in France. This went deeper than getting rid of clothes and furniture. I needed to step outside my comfort zone. I thought I was only going to visit France once, but my spirit had been yearning to call it home.

Playing small was a hard habit to break.

A small retreat will quiet your mind and body so you can see where you can expand and receive greater abundance. Try it for thirty minutes then allow your spirit to guide you.



Your Spirit Guides Will Tell On You

Your spirit guides once lived as human. They understand humanity. They agreed to help you navigate the physical realm for as long as you are on earth. They come to me during scheduled intuitive readings to deliver messages of love, guidance, and inspiration so you can move forward on your life’s path.

But there are times when your spirit guides will tell on you. They are your spiritual tattletales.

I get messages in visions, whispers, or they show me what you did during my dreams. Then your spirit guides nudge me to share with you how you are working against the messages they shared.

This can be a nuisance when I’m enjoying my breakfast or hanging out in the park.

Spirit guide readings can be entertaining, but the messages are real.  You invested your time, energy, and money in the guidance. Take it seriously.


Personal Development

Be The Change You Want To See

The world is diverse. A lot of different things are happening simultaneously in different spaces. People have differing opinions about many things. The adage, “Be the change you want to see” is often used when people are disheartened by what is happening in the world.

I hear and see this adage everywhere. I am actually tired of it. But, I also embrace it because I have been actively integrating the meaning of it into my life. I have changed a lot in the last year. The last three months alone had me going through a metamorphosis. I was literally shedding skin the other day. Out with the old, in with the new.

To be the change you want to see means stepping back and doing an assessment about who you are, what you are about, and looking at the relationship with those in your life. This is what spiritual and personal development is about. You are becoming more acquainted with your Inner Child. Your Inner Child has answers to your questions about fear, anxiety, joy, love and abundance.

Your Inner Self in your inner world. Everything outside of you is a reflection of you. Think about who you are, what you believe, your values and interests. This is your foundation. Your Truth. Claim your Truth with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, and visualizations. Share that truth with others through verbal and non-verbal communication and support it by how you act. As you change and expand, so will your external world. Embrace change.

Close Friends & Family love, respect and support you. They share your values and interests. This is your inner circle. You choose who is in this circle. Just as you painstakingly claimed your Truth, claim your friends and romantic partner(s). You can move biological and chosen family members inside and outside this circle as well

Community includes spaces where you can be yourself without fear. This may include school, church/spiritual home, neighborhood, museums, galleries, bookstores and organizations. You spend time in these spaces because they nurture you. They are reflections of your Truth. You can welcome people in these spaces into your inner circle as well.

The World is everything outside of you. You decide what you want to connect to, engage with and consume. Current events, entertainment, food, gossip, acquaintances, co-workers, family members, unknown people. You are also in this world. Just as you are consciously moving people and things around, so are others. Realize that your changing paradigm may not fit into someone else’s.

If you don’t like the world you live in then change it. Do the work. Take full responsibility for yourself. It will take time, but know that you will succeed. With every step you will become the world that you want to live in.


What Happens During a Spirit Guide Reading

Some clients have asked me about my process for doing spirit guide readings. I don’t have a basic routine because every reading is different. This is based on who the client is and their questions.

I do ground myself by singing my Tibetan singing bowl and ask my guardian angels, protector guide and gatekeeper guides to protect me. Sometimes my guides will give me a message to grab one of my crystals and hold it during the reading. This gives me more energy to stay grounded, balanced, and focused.

Then the reading begins.

I read the client’s photo and their guides give me messages. They tell me the colors the client’s aura and give me an overview of the chakras. I haven’t seen an aura during a reading; I hear them. However, I do see chakras. I can see if they are spinning correctly, in the right direction, any cloudiness, darkness, and the guides tell me what the issues are and how the client can help heal themselves.

I then ask the questions the clients have given me. Sometimes they guides ask why the client asked that question then proceeds to ask more questions of their own. Spirit guides who have lived in human form usually ask such questions. They will sometimes tell me that the client knows the answer already. But I ask for the answer and pass it on to the client.

When a spirit guide wants to emphasize a message they will repeat it many times. It sometimes becomes a mantra throughout the reading. This is when I ask questions of my own on the client’s behalf. I do spirit guide readings to help people live happier lives. I want to know what the client can do to move forward.

Spirit guides are happy to help in every way possible. They give loving messages to help heal the person they were assigned to.

Depending on the nature of the client’s life and questions, angels, ancestors, family members, and other guides will come through. I see them in my third eye. They give messages of love, encouragement, or helpful tips. It’s always in the context of the reading.

Nothing ominous happens during the reading. I don’t allow it. I asked my own guides to help me give readings that are of the highest good for the client.

The spirit guides let me know when the reading is over. After that I get to rest, go for a walk, and indulge in a snack.

Spirit guide readings have been fun and enlightening. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Holistic Health

Chakra Healing for the Mind, Body & Soul

Chakras In Body

Chakras In Body

Chakra are energy centers inside and outside the body that spin and vibrate. There are seven major chakras in the body that correspond to a person’s emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Each chakra has its own color, meaning, frequency, and characteristics when the chakra is balanced or imbalanced.

This is a brief introduction to each of the seven major chakras. You will learn the basic function of each and how to recognize when you are experiencing challenges or not. You can heal your mind, body and soul with the associated chakra healing practices. Food, herbs, bodywork, and sounds are some of the ways to heal.

The earth also has a chakra system. If you find yourself wanting to visit a particular city or live there, it may be your body’s way of informing you of what needs healing. Take a leap of faith and visit those areas. Or, meditate on them.

In short, use this as a guide. Experiment and see what works for you.


Root Chakra: Foundation

Sacral Chakra: Creative Flow

Solar Plexus Chakra: Confidence

Heart Chakra: Compassion

Throat Chakra: Communication

3rd Eye Chakra: Visualization

Crown Chakra: Cosmic Consciousness


Chakras In Body: Flickr via Creative Commons
Chakra Artwork: Morgan Phoenix via Creative Commons