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Review: Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training

I chose Slade Roberson’s Automatic Intuition Professional Intuitive Training when Spirit nudged me to move forward with a structured intuition development course. There were other professional intuitives with courses, but Slade was the only artist. He is a writer of the blog, Shift Your Spirits, and science fiction and fantasy. Roberson’s stories about his experiences with different spirits and the challenges of traditional publishing resonated with me.

The underlying principle of Automatic Intuition is that we are all intuitive. It is only a matter of believing, trusting, and acting on the information we receive. Roberson guides students through the process of connecting to Spirit through his three 1-hour live telephone sessions, 13 audio lectures, and 200-page textbook. Automatic Intuition introduces basic and advanced techniques for sharing messages from Spirit.

  • Connect with your spirit guide for readings.
  • Identify a client’s primary spirit guides and guardian angels.
  • Read auras and chakras.
  • Integrate astrology and divination in a reading.
  • Learn the ethics of giving readings.
  • Discover ways to build a professional intuitive business.

In addition to the course, Roberson created a secret Facebook group for everyone to ask questions, share ideas, and practice giving readings. Opportunities sometimes arise to build a client base. The community is diverse and supportive.

My favorite part of Automatic Intuition was learning how to connect with my own spirit guide designated for readings. My guide and I designed a process for my client sessions that still surprises me today. (Yes, I’m keeping it a secret.) I was slow to appreciating astrology, so that section was my least favorite of the course. Today – four years after taking the course – I have a deep appreciation for astrology.

Sharing messages from Spirit is a blessing. It helps people heal and guides them to make healthy decisions. I recommend Automatic Intuition if you are looking for a self-paced course with a supportive mentor and community of intuitive healers.


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