Holistic Health

Guided Meditations With The Angels

I took my first Goenka 10-day vipassana meditation course in 2011. I took three additional courses because I enjoyed the peace of mind. My life changed because I had a invaluable tool to help me release suffering. Periodically, I alternated between vipassana and Yoga Nidra.

In January 2017, the angels guided me to start teaching meditation. I didn’t want to initially; I preferred to direct people to the meditation courses. Many people expressed not being ready for something so arduous. Even 15-minute guided meditations seemed too long for them.

Be Well is the result of me letting go of resisting the messages from the angels. Meditation does not need to be long unless the goal is to be an ascetic yogi. Peace of mind can come with three minutes of meditation.

I call in different archangels in Be Well. They are gentle, loving energy. No one needs to claim a religion to use these meditations. Being open-minded and wanting to attain a peace of mind is all that is needed.