Daily Love

Everything Is Spiritual

As spirits we are all connected. We can feel each other in this cosmic fabric we call life. Angels are a higher frequency of this vibration that every person, animal and mineral has access to.

We angels are always there for you to help you with life, large or small. Please remember to ask for specific help. Being general garners a general blessing. If you want a car you need to suggest make, model, color and year. Otherwise, in our good nature, will send you a toy mobile. This is not to test you, but to help you realize how magnificent your life as a spirit is. Your human self is only a sleeve housing the soul. Protection.

When you anger there is someone or something new in your experience to help you through those emotions. You may not recognize it, but it is us sending you a life preserver.

We want you to become more self-sufficient, connecting to your Soul so that you receive messages clearly. Your ability to receive clear messages from us and your guides improves in this way, too.

The material world exists because of your thoughts and emotions. Connecting to your soul and the angels helps you create an atmosphere filled with love and hope. Visualize love and hope. Make decisions rooted in love and hope. This will be the outcome for such efforts.


Archangel Metatron