Connecting To Spirit Through Music

In the house of lovers, the music never stops, the walls are made of songs, and the floor dances” — Rumi

Music is a harmonious way to heal the mind, body, and spirit. The sounds and rhythms vibrate in our cells, breaks down what ails us, and raises our vibrations. Singing opens our lungs, heart and throat. Dancing connects us to the earth and the spirit world. In short, music is magical and healing.

I have been enjoying music my entire life. My introduction was my parent’s music: Motown, funk, soul, jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, country, and Prince. (Yes, he gets his own genre.) Music videos introduced me to heavy metal, hip hop, and pop. But my heart belongs to dance music. Regardless of it being a mix, mashup, or collaboration of contrasting genres, I am singing and dancing. I feel free.

In 2017, while living in Paris, France, I was guided towards songwriting. It was fun, but swept it under the rug to focus on publishing books.

Many of us who work with Spirit are experiencing a reset, myself included. Although I played the flute and saxophone in my younger years, it never occurred to me to continue playing music after high school graduation. I only wanted to consume it however I could (radio, online, festivals, clubs, and concerts.) Spirit has other plans.

We often hear about how some things are out of our control. The guidance to return to playing music full throttle would be that. In some ways, I am excited because I want to create music for others to sing and dance to.

I honestly do not know where this journey will take me. Spirit said to take my time and enjoy it. That is my intention. As a Prince fan, I am inspired by his musicianship. He played twenty seven instruments, wrote songs every day, and produced his music as well as songs for others.

Writing songs every day and relearning music theory is how I am ‘resurrecting’ my relationship with music. With guidance from Spirit, I am sure to produce music that heals and entertains.


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