Writing My Life, Exposing My Soul

Listen To The Moon & Stars: A Memoir About Astronomical Change In Poetry And Prose is a chapbook about me experiencing and surviving my Dark Night of the Soul. It is what many, if not most, of us go through during our spiritual awakening. Our Soul and spirit guides help us purge old beliefs, ideas, and people that stunt our spiritual growth. It is a time to grow closer to God.

I was guided to learn about astrology to understand how the astrological timing — sun and moon transits — was in synch with seemingly unending cycles I kept going through. Listen To The Moon & Stars was a message to be more aware of the guidance coming from the angelic realms and Divine Mother. Studying astrology was also training to transition me into a new career helping others with their own Dark Night of the Soul, as there is a relationship between it and the Saturn transit.

The time to myself during my Dark Night of the Soul was also understand why I was craving singing and piano lessons and being in a romantic relationship with a woman.

I will release snippets of poetry and prose up until the December 2020 release. Listen To The Moon & Stars will be available in digital, audio, and print. Sign up for my newsletter or subscribe to the blog for updates and giveaways.


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