Discovering Music In My Natal Chart

I love music. Nothing brings me more joy than listening to, singing along, and dancing to music. For the longest time music was my pastime even escapism.

In the last couple of years I have been waking up to songs and music composition somehow appeared in my short stories. I knew they were messages but only connected to the guidance in a shallow way. Since studying Vedic astrology I have discovered music in my natal chart.

My sun, moon, and Venus all point me in the direction of being musical.

There are nuances in Vedic sidereal astrology (nakshatras and padas) that deepen the understanding of the planets and signs. We all have interests, beliefs, and pastimes, but they may point to something deeper. Thankfully, the angelic realms also guided me to be curious and go with the flow.

Once I let go and decided to pursue music I found it fun and therapeutic. Now that we have moved through the new moon solar eclipse, I have found myself clearing my plate to make music a priority. I’m even writing songs daily.

I still wake up to songs, mainly from my Soul guiding me to be open to the changes. I’m a little scared about this process because it’s unexpected, but I’m excited and curious about the possibilities. I’ve set some intentions to keep me moving forward. By autumn 2020, I want to be connecting to other songwriters.

The angelic realms guided me towards studying Vedic astrology so I could see myself from a different perspective. Music feeds my Soul. Now it’s time to pay it forward


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