Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini for 10 January 2020

We will reach the apex of this lunar cycle with the full moon in sidereal Gemini in the Punavarsu nakshatra. The guidance we received during the new moon solar eclipse in sidereal Sagittarius, in the Mula nakshatra, on 26 December 2019 is becoming more clear.

The December solar eclipse was a cleansing for us related to spiritual beliefs, higher learning, having freedom to live as we wish, and being optimistic about the choices made. Mula cleared away the weeds choking these areas in our lives. It may have felt like an uprooting for some, making room for new seeds to be planted.

The full moon is where our ideas and guidance bears fruit, but with the moon in Punavarsu it will also feel like a renewal. Gemini will guide us to communicate what we learned, or be more curious about how to grow our ideas.

On a personal level, with my Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in sidereal Sagittarius, the eclipse acted as a restart button regarding my creatively expressing myself through poetry and songwriting, spiritual beliefs and practices (Buddhism, meditation, and yoga), and learning Vedic astrology. Interestingly enough, they depend on each other so I am balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Take a look at your life three days before and after the December eclipse, as Spirit was guiding you about what needed to be healed or reconsidered. With the full moon, the message and experience will become more clear.


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