Saturn and New Moon in Capricorn for 23 January 2020

The new moon in sidereal Capricorn (9:10 PM EST) creates beginnings that are grounded, patient, and hardworking. As the feminine side of Saturn, we may feel a need to structure our lives around things that have long term affects. In the Sravana nakshatra, we will be guided to listen to our intuition about where, or how, this will take place.

Capricorn, in the general sense, may focus our attention on the areas it governs such as the skeletal system, especially the knees; practicing being patient; the need to be more persistent; or cultivating spiritual practices that help us connect to our soul.

Saturn’s Long Stay

CB4C1968-BF1C-4C27-AE16-4A2AC189DFB6Saturn moves into sidereal Capricorn the evening of 23 January 2020 (11:27 PM EST) and remains there until 28 April 2022. Often feared, misunderstood, and seen as an old man and agriculturalist, Saturn is more than that. On the surface, in the historical sense, he carefully selected seeds, surveyed fertile land, and watched over crops until the harvest. All are Saturn’s actions for long term benefits.

On a deeper level, Saturn can be seen as the sage. His wisdom cannot be challenged because his time-tested techniques have never failed. We are guided by Saturn to pull weeds from our lives. In some cases, to replant ourselves in more fertile soil. Challenges arise when we refuse to let go of whatever is preventing us from moving forward. (Or, growing to produce the greatest abundance.) Every moment feels unsteady, stalled, and depressing. In reality, Saturn is doing a prescribed burn that will later enrich our lives.

Reflect on what seemed stagnant or occurring in an unhealthy cycle during Saturn’s transit in sidereal Sagittarius, 26 January 2017 – 23 January 2020. This is where Saturn was showing us what did not serve our soul’s desires. Also, look back at blessings, large and small, as this was evidence about where and how we would reap the most rewards.

Externally, Saturn represents government, other structured institutions (churches, banks, and schools), land, agriculture, and social order. These areas will experience changes for us on all levels – personally, locally, and globally.

Individual Growth

It is auspicious for the new moon and Saturn to transit sidereal Capricorn because we are being guided how to (re)structure our lives for long-term growth. (Saturn will later transit sidereal Aquarius, its masculine side, for two and a half years when it leaves Capricorn.) The Capricorn transit will appear differently in our lives based on where it is from the ascendant and moon sign.


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