Discover Your Life Path Number

Numerology is a divination tool used to understand your life purpose, or path. The numbers of your date of birth vibrate and have particular meaning. While there are general meanings, a connection to spirit guides can gain information specific to you. Going within through meditation and connecting with your spirit family will provide deeper meaning.

Types of Numerology
There are three types of numerology that can be used to determine your life path number.

The Chaldean numerology system can be traced back to Babylon, which is now Iraq. The number system uses numbers 1 – 8.

The Kabbalist Numerology system uses numbers 1 – 9, attributing it only to the person’s name rather than the date of birth.

The Pythagorean numerology system also includes the master numbers 11, 22, 33, and 44. Whenever the life purpose number is calculated and one of the aforementioned numbers is the sum, it will not be reduced any further because it vibrates on a higher spiritual level.

Pythagorean Numbers 1 – 9
The numbers 1 – 9 have their own significant meaning, symbolism, and frequency. 1 signifies the beginning and 9 the end. There are deeper meanings, as with anything connected to spirit.

1 | ONE
Meaning: new beginnings, leadership, creativity, confidence
Over emphasized: arrogant, controlling, starting projects and not completing them
Under emphasized: not a self-starter, playing small, issues with fear

2 | TWO
Meaning: emotional and spiritual balance, receptivity, even-keeled
Over emphasized: over-reactive, sensory overload, people pleasing
Under emphasized: exhaustion, not listening

Meaning: being sensitive to own and others’ needs, expressing the self, compassionate
Over emphasized: feeling everyone’s emotions, talking too much, gossiping, cursing
Under emphasized: not sharing thoughts or emotions, desensitized, little to say

4 | FOUR
Meaning: active, disciplined, structured, intelligent, logical
Over emphasized: over-active, impatient, rigid, a know-it-all
Under emphasized: stagnant, unfocused, ignorant, illogical

5 | FIVE
Meaning: adventurous, open to change, unrestricted
Over emphasized: frantic, always changing, poor boundaries
Under emphasized: lazy, refuse to change, shut-in

6 | SIX
Meaning: responsible, nurturing, protective, heart-centered, community-minded
Over emphasized: accident prone, controlling, bleeding heart
Under emphasized: perfectionist, alienating, irresponsible, constricting

Meaning: introspective, imaginative, mindful, thinking before acting
Over emphasized: head in the clouds, destructive thoughts
Under emphasized: closed-minded, escapism, not thinking of others

Meaning: powerful, inner strength, expressive, self-assured
Over emphasized: self-centered, abuses personal power
Under emphasized: insecure, gives up power to others

9 | NINE
Meaning: rebirth, endings, teaching, humanitarianism, wisdom
Over emphasized: trying to save the world, depends on facts
Under emphasized: miserly, refuses to help others

0 | ZERO
Meaning: meditation, prayer, intuition, empathy, strong connection to Divine, God/Goddess, spirit world
Over emphasized: head in the clouds, only focused on the spiritual life, no connection to material world
Under emphasized: lack of faith, not listening to intuition, only focused on the material world

Master Numbers
Master numbers are not reduced, e.g., 11 is not reduced to 2; 22 is not reduced to 4, and 33 is not reduced to 6. These numbers vibrate at a higher level than the singular ones. It is important to recognize their presence in all the calculations.

Master Number 11
Meaning: intuitive, gut instinct, claircognative (clear knowing), wise, wounded healer
Over emphasized: nervous, anxious, on edge because of intuitive connections
Under emphasized: not trusting intuition or instincts, seems unwise

Master Number 22
Meaning: Master Builder, ambitious, alchemical (turning dreams into reality)
Over emphasized: overly ambitious/not focused on tasks that can be developed
Under emphasized: not planning, skipping steps, lack of foundation and/or structure

Master Number 33
Meaning: Master Teacher, knowledgable, wise, intuitive guide like Buddha/Jesus/Mary
Over emphasized: controlling, know it all, teaching above the heads of students
Under emphasized: not well versed in topics, unwilling to listen to students perspectives

Calculate Your Life Path Number
Numerology is simple. You only need a pen, paper, or calculator.

  1. Add the numbers of your date of birth. Example: November 11, 2019 is 1+1+1+1+2+0+1+9 = 16. The life path number is 16/7, or 7.
  2. Check number meaning for the number on the right side of the slash.
  3. Connect to your Higher Self or Primary Spirit Guide for deeper meaning.

The full expression, or the numbers before the reduction, has significant meaning. One the left of the slash are the aspects of what needs to be worked on or balanced in order for the life path to move in a forward motion. Check the numbers to see what they mean for you.

The Three Sisters
Numerology, astrology, and tarot are related. For the person with a 7 life path number, they need to work on being confident, creative, and nurturing in order to live in alignment with using their imagination. The Chariot is the tarot associated with 7 and the zodiac Cancer.

The seven life path is one of being focused on moving forward. They are confident in their intuition and creativity, therefore their creations are carefully crafted to share with others.

Once the life path number is understood, healing can be done to balance whatever is over or under emphasized.  Meditate and connecting with spirit guides and the angelic realms will provide specific understanding.


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