Mercury Direct And Retrograde In Aquarius

Mercury, the planet of communication, transits sidereal Aquarius on 30 January 2020 (4:23PM EST) and stays there until the day of the full moon in Leo on 9 March. It goes retrograde on 16 February, at 7:52 PM EST, then goes direct just before midnight on 9 March, which is also during the full moon in Virgo.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the masculine side that encourages technological advances, highly innovative thoughts, and humanitarian efforts. Aquarius also rules the Third Eye chakra — clear seeing, or clairvoyance. Dreams, visions, and insight may be heightened at this time.

Mercury is neutral in Aquarius, but the energy will guide us to communicate ideas that either inspires or educates society. Brainstorming or writing books, public speaking, or learning how to work with large groups of people may arise. The aspect will be in Leo (Aquarius-Leo axis), guiding the collective to think about how ideas empower others for the greater good.

Retrograde Is Time To Slow Down
Retrograde is nothing to fear, as it is only a time to reflect on thoughts, what is being heard, said, and learned. Aquarius is connected to technology, so think twice about what is shared and consumed through email, social media, and other platforms. The aspect in Leo will show us to be more aware of what is created and shared.

Check below for your ascendant (physical life) and moon (emotional and mental life) to understand how the retrograde will affect you.


Ascendant & Moon Sign




Friends, social groups, charities



Career, legacy, public life



Higher learning (university or spiritual teachings), publishing, broadcasting, short-term long distance travel



Healing, transformation, secrets, inheritance



Romantic or business relationships



Daily work, health and wellbeing, service to others



Children, creative projects, entertainment



Home, real estate, things that nurture and protect



Learning, social media, writing



Money, possessions, friends, voice



Identity, physical wellbeing, ego



Imagination, retreat/solitude, long distance travel

The Moon will be in sidereal Scorpio when Mercury goes retrograde, so deep hidden emotions that need to be healed may surface. This will be a good time to journal, meditate, and creatively express whatever comes up.

This will be a potent time in the sky, as many planets will be in their own signs: Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Mars in Scorpio (until 7 February). The planets will be expressing most of their wisdom into our lives and guiding us to think about what we can build on a large scale that will have lasting effects for generations to come.

Sun and Moon Tarot

In the cards, the spread — Three of Pentacles, Four of Pentacles, and The Star — expresses the need to creatively express what is on the heart and in the mind that guides people to understand themselves and the world in different ways. People need to know that they are not alone in their journey.

Writing memoir, a long letter, or just speaking from the heart can inspire others to think about their own lives from a different perspective. This is about communicating something deep and profound—being vulnerable. The power to heal the world is in our collective voices sharing stories in expansive ways.


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