Listen To The Moon & Stars

In astrology, the moon represents the mind, emotions, intuition, and mental wellbeing. It signifies what we are focused on, whether or not we sense what is right or wrong, as well as what we understand to navigate the world.

The moon sign is our perspective for what we think about, how we approach life, and feel on a fundamental level. When aligned with the moon, we begin to understand the change in emotions we feel during the day and throughout the 28-day lunar cycle.

The phases of the moon waxes from new to full and wanes from full to dark before returning to new again. Much like a seed in raw form, when planted it begins to release its potential in stages, appearing as a new source of abundance, bearing fruit, then falling away. Our mind acts in the same way.

  • New – new beginnings
  • Waxing Crescent – roots developing
  • First Quarter – sprouting
  • Waxing Gibbous – gestation
  • Full – full bloom
  • Waning Gibbous – harvest
  • Third Quarter – settling down
  • Waning Crescent – rest

The stars, or constellations, make up the zodiac and have an energetic relationship with the moon as well as the other planets. Below is a list of moon signs, key words about focus and emotions, and the corresponding chakra and planet. Imbalances can be healed through chakra work.

Moon Sign

Planet & Chakra

Balanced Qualities

Imbalanced Qualities


Mars, Solar Plexus

ambitious, goal-oriented, active

restless, passive-aggressive, self-centered


Venus, Heart

affectionate, supportive, sensual

stubborn,stingy, materialistic, lazy


Mercury, Throat

sociable, curious, lighthearted

deceptive, gossip, vague


Moon, Third Eye

nurturing, comforting, protective

detached, over protective, hypersensitive


Sun, Third Eye

expressive, generous, playful

self-centered, withdrawn, plain


Mercury, Throat

organized, helpful, analytical

critical, careless, anal retentive


Venus, Heart

harmonious, artistic, balanced

passive, codependent, disagreeable


Mars, Solar Plexus

seductive, healthy attachment, honest

secretive, sabotaging, suspicious


Jupiter, Sacral

wise, spiritual, humorous

close-minded, unfocused, excessive


Saturn, Root

patient, ambitious, hard-working

immature, insensitive, rigid


Saturn, Root

humanitarian, eccentric, progressive

dictating, anti-social, boring


Jupiter, Sacral

peaceful, empathic, compassionate

trouble with addiction, escapism, and being isolated

For a deeper understanding about our mind, we can look at the relationships between the natal moon and transiting moon. For example, an Aries moon will be goal-oriented. During a new moon in Virgo they may be focused on taking care of their health. On the contrary, when imbalanced, the same person may indulge in unhealthy eating habits.

Women have been following the moon for centuries, using it to track their menstrual cycle, energy levels, and how they are affected by external world. Some use it to understand the fluctuations of clients in their business. In many cultures the lunar cycle was used to understand when to start gardening, harvest crops, and when to expect rain.

Further, tracking the sidereal lunar cycle strengthens our intuition because our mind allows us to discern logically and based on feeling. We are guided to listen to our inner voice/ Higher Self about how to lessen the powerful effects of the moon. It will also help us solve small and large problems just by listening to the messages from within.

Listening to the moon and stars will lead us to a better understanding about ourselves and those we love. With awareness being in alignment with the moon will teach us how we fundamentally think and feel and make life’s journey during the moon’s cycle simpler.


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