Holistic Health

Spend A Day Transforming Your Wellbeing

The global social distancing has many rediscovering passions and finding different ways to be entertained. On the other end of the spectrum, the feelings of fear and anger are strong. However we are experiencing the global pandemic, it is touching something deep within us as a collective.

Spiritual practices like meditation and listening to spiritual teachings are some of the ways to ground the mind, heal the body, and be more connected to spirit.

Tune in for Enlightened World Network’s A Day of Transformation on Sunday, 22 March 2020, from 9AM – 9PM EST. It’s a day filled with energy healing, guided meditations, and motivational speaking from 22 different spiritual teachers.


Join me and other healers for the Silent Healing at 10:30AM EST then tune in again for my Chakra Healing Meditation with the Archangels at 2:30PM EST. Bring your journal or sketchbook to express whatever messages come up for you.

You can catch the broadcasts on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or later in your leisure.

Please click here for more information about A Day of Transformation