New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini in Mrgashirsha on 21 June 2020

This lunar cycle will guide the collective to think with its hands. Gemini, the masculine side of Mercury, enjoys communicating in different ways, especially when it involves writing or handcrafts. Mrgashirsha is friendly and cautious. It encourages keen awareness when it communicates.

The new moon rises late in the evening on 20 June and continues until the early morning on 21 June. Additionally, this is an annular solar eclipse seen in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Being Mindful

Gemini naturally rules the 3rd House, which is the area governing tone of speech, listening, learning, and working with the hands. Social media falls under this house as well. Gemini in Mrgashirsha will illuminate where the collective needs to be more aware of what is shared. 

The sign shares the axis with Sagittarius, where beliefs, publishing, broadcasting, and foreign travel are governed. This eclipse could reveal something supportive or agitating associated with social media platforms, print media, music (lyrics mainly), scripted film and television, and the arts.

Interestingly enough, the latter part of the eclipse falls on Father’s Day (USA and Canada). Mercury rules the throat chakra; making something with the hands could carry more cache with father figures.

Summer Solstice 

Historically, summer is observed as a time for creativity. It is also the longest day of the year (almost 15 and a half hours of sunlight in New York). We may feel a bit ungrounded because the Sun, moon, Rahu, and Mercury retrograde are all in airy Gemini. Balance the masculine energy by organizing thoughts (make a to-do list) and spending time in a garden or at the park. Nature is grounding when the mind feels cloudy.

Below is where the collective will be affected by the new moon solar eclipse in sidereal Gemini. Check the ascendant for the physical and external world; moon sign for emotions and mental focus.

Ascendant SignHouseAspects
Aries3Communication, listening, learning, working with the hands, siblings, neighbors, cousins 
Taurus2Money, possessions, self-worth, food, personal pleasures
Gemini1Identity, self, ego, physical body, how perceived by others, paternal grandparents 
Cancer12Personal retreat, seclusion/isolation, jail/prison, dreams, imagination, foreign travel, paternal aunts and uncles 
Leo11Social groups, friends, allies, charitable organizations, philanthropy 
Virgo10Legacy, public life, career, father, boss, mentor
Libra9Spiritual beliefs, teaching, publishing, broadcasting, short long distance travel, in-laws, step-children
Scorpio 8Transformation, the occult, death, inheritance, hidden things/ secrets, business partners
Sagittarius 7Romantic relationships, business negotiations, equal exchange of energy between two people, sexual relationships, maternal grandparents, nieces and nephews
Capricorn 6Work, health and wellness, service to others, competitors, co-workers, employees, maternal aunts and uncles 
Aquarius 5Entertainment, children, artistic projects, being seen (tv, stage, film)
Pisces 4Real estate, home, emotional anchor (place), nurturing, private life, mother


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