Spiritual Journey

Kirtan Is The Elixir Of Life

My voice is my primary instrument. It has taken some time to realize this, mainly because I never considered myself as a professional singer. I only thought of myself as a poet. For the longest time I published poetry in newspapers, collections, and even exhibited them in art galleries. Open mics were the additional staple.

When I started writing children’s songs, the sound of my voice didn’t concern me. Now that I have been guided by Spirit to take the big leap towards singing for children and adults, I started to care more about how I sounded. I had fear about singing solo (I’ve sung in choirs) but tempted the fates singing lines in poems.

Vocal lessons have been the greatest investment. I can feel a difference in my confidence, wanting to sing aloud more in public. Notes in songs I’ve sung before feel almost effortless. I had considered splitting my energy between poetry and songs. Spirit had other plans for me.


Entering The World of Bhakti Yoga
I love kirtan, singing and chanting mantras done mostly in yoga studios. Bhakti yoga is devotion to the Divine and can be done in numerous ways, but I gravitated towards kirtan because it is the liveliest. Fun. 

Optimism is an upcoming project that has been waiting in the shadows. It will be a sample of the work I put into singing and songwriting, not the poetry my head was planning. My heart wants to sing.


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