Staying Calm During A Storm

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” — Audre Lorde

Five years ago, my spirit guides suggested that I start a regular spiritual practice. I needed something I could retreat to when life became unbearable. The messages were repeated as I was guided to watched particular YouTube videos with similar discussions. I did Vipassana meditation twice a day, self reiki, became vegan, and spent more time outdoors. I felt good.

Starting Anew
In January 2020, I moved to a new city with the intention of starting a new life where no one knew me. Then the global pause happened. The small business network I belonged to became a space of anxiety and fear. My nerves were calmer because I had an online company, but I was concerned because people were losing their jobs. Stunned may have been my mode of operating for a while.

Later, after getting my fill of what the virus was about, I felt a big tug to increase my selfcare routine and let go of everything and everyone that got in the way. So, I ended up doing the following:

  • Pulled away from the news (deleted news apps)
  • Deleted newsletters
  • Reduced my social media platforms
  • Spent more time in solitude
  • Increased self reiki (sometimes twice a day)
  • Created a regular raja yoga sadhana (breathing, yoga asana, meditation, journaling)
  • Did more drawing, songwriting, and composing music
  • Wrote poetry and attended online open mics
  • Took classes (Vedic astrology and Spiritualist mediumship)

There is a lot happening on the planet right now. I actually have no idea about most of it because I have been doing the aforementioned things. I have a clue because I am on Twitter. Although I follow only a few people, they are plugged in and share about the world.

My selfcare is about maintaining my mental wellbeing. Without my mind, I have no capacity to care for my basic needs or have the energy to do what I love. Without selfcare, I have no capacity to help others when they are in need.

Under Construction
None of this year has been easy despite the healthy boundary between me and the outside world. I have been triggered, but with the grace of having knowledge and experiences with energy healing, knew that I had to heal old wounds. I needed to dismantle who I thought I was, restructure my company, and prepare for something radically new and expansive.

As July comes to a close, I have ‘refined’ my writing projects, spiritual practice, and goals for the next two years. I can feel that there is room for growth. The community retreat was a project my guides instigated. It was nice holding space for attendees.

My spirit guides applaud my hard work and tell me there is more to come. (Great! *insert sarcasm*) Actually, I have a feeling what is upcoming, but not sure how or when everything will unfold. I can only sit, close my eyes, and breathe.


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