How To Work With The Lunar Cycles

The lunar cycles build on top of each other. The cycle begins with the new moon in a particular sign, which is the theme for twenty eight days. When the full moon rises, it is the guidance that balances the new moon energy and how to use the energy overall. For example, Aries always balances Libra.

Our minds experience many changes — thoughts, emotions, and spiritual impressions — during the lunar cycle as the moon transits a different sign every two and a half days. Further, within Vedic astrology, it recognizes lunar mansions (nakshatras) based on the degree of the transit. Aries runs through Ashwini (healing and rejuvenation), Bharani (birth and expansion), and partially in Krittika (purification and cutting away).

This year has been a wobble for the entire planet. I have been looking at the global pause as the universe asking us to stop, go within, and do a lot more selfcare and creative self-expression. For the collective, the general idea can be seen below. Look at the cycles from your moon (thoughts and emotions) and ascendant (physical and material). 

New MoonFull Moon
Aries in Ashwini —  a new beginning healing ourselves Libra in Vishaka — setting a goal and working towards it
Taurus in Krittika — cutting away the old (people, places, and things) to further our healingScorpio in Jyestha — learning about something that has been hidden/unknown to initiate change 
Gemini in Mrgashira  — being more aware of how one  communicatesSagittarius in Purva Ashadha — expressing self in the arts or something physical like sports
Cancer in Pushya — looking at nurturing as a mental health practice, engaging in spiritual practicesCapricorn in Shravana — be more patient and persistent about listening to the soul, guides, and others

From Getting Pampered To Doing Selfcare
I enjoyed getting reflexology, massage, mani-pedi’s, and going out to eat. My spirit guides started nudging me to do more for myself a few years ago. The biggest nudge was in January 2020. I didn’t want to and even resisted a bit, but now I get it. 

The new cycles have been time for me to think about who I am, get in touch with my inner child, and spend more time with myself to discover why it’s happening now. (Thank you, astrology.) In the process, I was guided to rip apart my company, establish a stronger foundation, change my products and services, and do more volunteer work. 

None of this is the work of the lunar cycles alone. They work in tandem with the other planetary transits. The moon sign is how we think about everything happening and ascendant is where it all manifests. 

Life Is Like A Clock
I’ve tried to rush through the manifesting process because I have an indication about what lies ahead. That’s not how the universe works. We can use the Laws of Attraction & Manifestation to get what we want, but sometimes we need to wait. 

The universe has to put people, places, and things in place in order to bestow our heart’s desires. We have to put in the work, too, even if it’s spending the day doing nothing. But miracles do happen. I pray, visualize, meditate, and show gratitude as I wait patiently for my blessings. 

Before this lunar cycle in sidereal Cancer ends, Uranus goes retrograde in Aries 15 August until New Year’s Day 2021. The planet behaves like Aquarius, but will be more relaxed as we start reflecting on the revolutionary changes we’ve been experiencing thus far. The Sun and Mercury transits Leo and Mars in Aries, which is intense fire energy. Unplugging from the external world, turning within, and doing anything fun are ways to stay grounded. 

The new lunar cycle on 18 August will be in Leo as well. As a collective, our minds will be focused on expressing ourselves, showing off, being passionate, and creative. It will possibly be time for me to give an update about the new single I want to release in October. Singing and songwriting has been a way for me to heal my throat chakra. 

What have you learned about yourself durning the lunar cycles this year? Comment below.


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