Going With The Flow

Autumn is upon us. The outside air is swinging between extremely hot and cool; leaves are slowly turning the colors of a cornucopia. I pulled out my sweater one morning to keep the chill away then had to tear it off to put on a summer dress. Regardless of the extremes, I stayed in the flow.

This year has been a test of inner strength socially, politically, and psychologically. I turned away from the external world and tuned into my soul to stay balanced. I even enrolled in an online yoga teacher training to deepen my relationship with myself.

There is a big decision coming up in November. The closer we get to the date the more I sense that it’s time for me to come out of my bliss. I need to find a balance between solitude and the mundane. With this new perspective comes changes in what I share on this blog. I am shifting to holding space for people seeking inner peace. It will look like the following:

  • Lunar cycle forecasts and how it impacts our wellbeing
  • Hatha yoga — breathing techniques, poses, and meditation — to balance mind, body & spirit
  • Guided meditation for deep relaxation and healing
  • Poetry (written, spoken, and sung)
  • Music

This will be a slow process, but one that is long overdue. I hope you stay through the transformation. We can find inner peace together.


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