Another New Moon in Virgo Brings Second Chance At Mastery on 16 October 2020

The universe is giving us another chance at mastery with a second new moon in Virgo. This time the lunar cycle starts in Chitra nakshatra, which enjoys creating beauty in forms that improves the world. The focus may be on mastering art, writing, music, or the body.

Virgo can push us to be somewhat of a perfectionist because its ruler, Mercury, is highly intelligent and enjoys mental stimulation. Mars-ruled Chitra is determined, so creating will weigh heavily on the mind. Focus on one task and master it. 

The previous lunar cycle in Virgo was in Uttara Phalguni guided us to improve ourselves and help others to do the same. Chitra brings the energy of refinement. 

To understand how the Virgo lunar cycle will affect you, look from the moon (thoughts, emotions, and spiritual guidance) and ascendant (physical and material world). If you do not know your sidereal natal chart, please use the free align27 app.

Moon & AscendentHouseAspect
Aries6Work, health and wellness, service to others, competitors, co-workers, employees, maternal aunts and uncles 
Taurus5Entertainment, children, artistic projects, being seen (tv, stage, film), speculative gains (stock market)
Gemini4Real estate, home, emotional anchor (place), nurturing, private life, mother
Cancer3Communication, listening, learning, working with the hands, siblings, neighbors, cousins 
Leo2Money, possessions, self-worth, food, personal pleasures
Virgo1Identity, self, ego, physical body, how perceived by others, paternal grandparents 
Libra12Personal retreat, meditation, seclusion/isolation, jail/prison, dreams, imagination, foreign travel, paternal aunts and uncles
Scorpio 11Social groups, friends, allies, charitable organizations
Sagittarius 10Legacy, public life, career, father, boss, mentor
Capricorn 9Spiritual beliefs, teaching, teachers, publishing, broadcasting, short long distance travel, in-laws, step-children
Aquarius 8Transformation, the occult, death, inheritance, hidden things/ secrets, business partners
Pisces 7Romantic relationships, business negotiations, equal exchange of energy between two people, sexual relationships, maternal grandparents, nieces and nephews


To learn more about your sidereal Vedic astrology natal chart, please sign up for the free Align27 app or a reading.

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