There Is Power In Doing Nothing

This year has been a whirlwind. The external world is ripe with distraction, but I decided to turn inward. It gave me time to make peace with living in solitude; engage in more creative self-expression; and do a lot more self-realization.

Today, I was reminded of my time as a reiki master teacher doing in-person energy healing sessions. My female clients all had a similar affliction — refusing to take care of themselves. Their energy felt like ten pounds of mud weighing on my chest. They validated this when I suggested some form of selfcare.

Like many healers, we attract clients that are a reflection of ourselves. I loved to be pampered, going out for mani-pedi’s, facials, reflexology, and massage. It was rare that I did these things for myself. I even filled my downtime with busy work. My reiki clients were in the same boat.

Doing nothing is frowned upon because, in the US, it doesn’t produce anything. During the lockdown, I had to learn how to do nothing. It was hard, but I have grown to appreciate sitting on my butt and staring out the window. Doing nothing is the easiest and simplest way of doing selfcare.

The biggest takeaway from this year is that I feel lighter mentally and emotionally. I have decluttered things from all aspects of my life so I could have more time to do nothing. Balancing selfcare with work is a lot easier. Ironically, having fun has even peaked its way back into my life. I‘m prefer this lifestyle better. I literally stop and smell the flowers when they are bloom, on walks, in stores. It’s hard smelling things through my mask. Perhaps better lung capacity will come out of this, too.

Here’s a challenge for you, especially if you identify as female: find time to do nothing for the next 7 days. Let me know about your experience.


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