Learning Self-Discipline During Yoga Teacher Training

I was never fond of routines where I do the same thing every day. Boredom set in rather fast then I abandoned whatever I was doing. It was first a cue about my passions and commitment. Secondly, I needed to find simpler ways of living. 

Doing yoga teacher training online that is also self-paced turned out to be my cup of tea. I can keep living my life uninterrupted. I can meet with clients and take care of my personal needs. However, I needed to make time for class assignments, which involves teaching. Unlike my undergraduate days, I refuse to stay up until sunrise trying to do homework. I have grown to enjoy a good night’s sleep. I welcomed routine so I could stay on task.

Old Becoming Renewed
I maintained an altar when I had an earth-based spiritual practice. It was my time to connect with my spirit guides, receive messages, and do healing work. Experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul led me to letting go of everything, including the way I connected with spirit. Yoga teacher training brought me back to maintaining an altar and developing a routine. Beforehand, connecting with spirit was a bit irregular.

Creating an altar this time around has been different because I chat with my Higher Self. I start by ringing my Tibetan singing bowl and saying a prayer. A short sadhana consisting of breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation follow. Messages from spirit and my Higher Self flow in clearly between the last ringing of the bell and end of meditation. This is my sunrise and before bed routine. Everything else in the middle of my altar time is planned (in pencil) with wiggle room for surprises.

Me Time
Multitasking has been my longtime bad habit. Ideas flowed into my mind and I tried to accomplish every single one. This year has taught me to simplify, focus on mastering skills, and completing projects that are most important to me. Musical projects shifted (not disappeared) so I can focus more on poetry. After yoga teacher training, it will be just me, poetry, and music. Not a bad combination.

It was no mistake that I start yoga teacher training this year. It actually happened in divine right time. I’m healing from a massive transformation that is deepening my understanding about how all of life is connected. Being patient with having a routine has brought me clarity that is never boring.


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