Live Your Best Life Through The Ascendant

We often hear in New Age circles to “live your best life” or “become the highest/best version of yourself” but may seek more guidance about to to achieve this. Attempts made to accomplish goals may not be in alignment with our highest self, so we become disappointed and abandon our dreams. In astrology, the highest self is the ascendant, or rising sign.

The ascendant is what is rising on the eastern horizon the moment we were born. There are twelve zodiac signs and the ascendant changes every two hours. In twenty-four hours, the ascendant will pass through each sign twice a day.

Aries naturally rules the first house where the ascendant is found. The higher self will express itself fearless, focused, and goal-oriented. This is necessary to live our best lives. Reflect on intuitive messages that scare you, this may be your Higher Self guiding you to move in a more prosperous direction.

An Eastern Approach 
Vedic astrology uses the sidereal system, which has a twenty-three degree difference than western (Tropical) astrology. It also includes nakshatras and padas that are smaller divisions of information connected to the zodiac signs. 

There are twenty-seven nakshatras and each one is further divided into four padas, all which are different planetary rulership. Together they provide deeper understanding of the natal chart.

Depending on birth time, twins could have the same ascendant but different nakshatras and padas. In some cases, the children could have completely different ascendants. This then explains a difference in interests, behaviors, and aspirations.

Mind, Body & Soul
Our physical body, how we see ourselves, and how we are perceived by others can be seen in the ascendant. Planets in the first house — by transit and aspect — influence our sense of self, interests, health, and other personal characteristics. When we aspire to live our best life, it is through the ascendant.

The moon sign is where we become aware of ourselves and the world around us. It is our personality, emotions, and intuitive side. The sun sign represents our soul, creativity, and how we project ourselves in the world. Sun also signifies where we receive our vitality. Like the ascendant, the sun and moon in the natal chart are influenced by sign, nakshatra, house placement, and transiting and aspecting planets. 

The New Age guidance about becoming your Highest self can be achieved in numerous ways like meditation and yoga. They help us turn inwards and listen to what we’ve been seeking. In astrology, our best lives can be seen in the natal chart. With that little piece of information we experience life with more joy.


Please use the free Align27 app to learn more about your Vedic sidereal natal chart and ascendant.

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