New Moon in Sagittarius for 13 January 2021

The first new moon in 2021 rises in sidereal Sagittarius on 13 January giving us hope, joy, and opportunities for overcoming challenges for the new year. This sets the tone for the entire year. 

Looking back, the first new moon of 2020 was in Capricorn, which governs infrastructure and routine. The global lockdown changed our daily lives and showed us where structures broke down.

Sagittarius is the fiery masculine side of Jupiter that is optimistic and ready for adventure. The new moon in Sagittarius in Uttara Ashadha may guide the collective to think about beliefs and values, as well as what brings joy into life.

The energy could become overwhelming if unfocused or lacking a proper foundation. Feelings of overwhelm, aggression, and arrogance are possible when overemphasized. Lack of energy to attain dreams could result in spirit guides sending messages through the oddest ways like conversations, animals, dreams, and visions.

Jupiter is connected to the sacral chakra, the energy centers of feelings and creativity. Stagnation or an over abundance of energy can be remedied through journaling, doing art, or expressing ideas. 

The moon and sun in Sagittarius will aspect Gemini, so there may be emphasis this lunar cycle to be more social; learn something new or continue with studies; or be more open about the guidance to move forward. The sun will later in the day transit Capricorn shifting from expressing the energy of new moon to putting it into practice.

There will be a stellium of Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, which naturally rules the tenth house of career and public life. Internally, Capricorn represents the skeletal system, especially the knees, patience, hard work, and leadership. Saturn-ruled Capricorn enjoys being grounded and working with laser share focus.

Meditation, working on a passion project, and following a routine are some of the ways of working with the stellium energy. Review career goals and how you present yourself to others. Additionally, look at where Capricorn is in the natal chart. This is an area that may undergo a deep transformation. Call on spirit guides to help with the changes.

Overall, the lunar cycle in sidereal Sagittarius is about connecting to something deeper and resonating with the soul. Check below about how this affects you. Moon sign for thoughts and emotions and ascendant for physical and material world. Please use the free Cosmic Insights app to learn more about your sidereal natal chart.

Ascendant & MoonHouseAspect
Aries9Spiritual beliefs, teaching, teachers, publishing, broadcasting, short long distance travel, in-laws, step-children
Taurus 8Transformation, the occult, death, inheritance, hidden things/ secrets, business partners
Gemini 7Romantic relationships, business negotiations, equal exchange of energy between two people, sexual relationships, maternal grandparents, nieces and nephews
Cancer6Work, health and wellness, service to others, competitors, co-workers, employees, maternal aunts and uncles 
Leo5Entertainment, being seen (tv, stage, film), children, artistic projects, startup companies, speculative gains (stock market)
Virgo4Real estate, home, emotional anchor (place), nurturing, private life, mother
Libra3Communication, listening, learning, working with the hands, siblings, neighbors, cousins 
Scorpio 2Money, possessions, personal values, self-worth, food, personal pleasures
Sagittarius 1Identity, self, ego, physical body, how perceived by others, paternal grandparents 
Capricorn 12Personal retreat, meditation, seclusion/isolation, jail/prison, dreams, imagination, foreign travel, paternal aunts and uncles
Aquarius 11Social groups, friends, allies, charitable organizations
Pisces 10Legacy, public life, career, father, boss, mentor


This is a general reading for the collective. To understand what it means for you specifically, please sign up for a reading.

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