Connect To Your Soul’s Planet

The soul is an extension of Goddess/God. In yoga philosophy, it is called the Atma which resides deep inside the anatomical heart giving us life and energy. It is connected to the heart chakra, the energy center along the spinal cord, that allows us to experience love, compassion, and empathy. 

Our sun sign signifies the soul’s fundamental personality. House placement and relationship with transiting and aspecting planets add deeper understanding.

Every soul incarnated to have specific experiences to heal past life karma, or actions. In Vedic astrology, the soul planet (Chara Atmakaraka) is the one with the highest degree. It determines how the soul wants to heal the karma. 

Look at your natal chart to find the planet with the degree closest to thirty degrees. The chart below includes the basic aspects of the planets.

SunEgo/consciousness, self-awareness, creative expression, energy, vitality
MoonNurturing, protection, intuition, mental awareness 
Mercury Learning, communication (writing and speaking), ideas, being curious and social 
MarsDetermination, goals, confidence, leadership, enthusiasm, physical energy (athleticism/ stamina)
VenusRelationships, love, arts & culture, values, self-worth, advocacy, material luxury 
Jupiter Higher knowledge (academic and spiritual), optimism, adventure, wisdom, world view
SaturnWisdom, hard work, patience, longterm planning, responsibility, maturity, simplicity 

Synchronicities, intuitive guidance, and other experiences — good, bad, or indifferent — becomes clearer once you understand the soul’s personality and soul planet. This is the path for healing, the spiritual awakening in order to live our best lives


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