Angels Are Real

Today, I was reminded that angels exist. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind about them in the first place, but I shifted away from working with them to explore other interests.

I needed help with a small task in my apartment because I didn’t have the physical strength to complete it myself. I addressed Archangel Michael by saying, “If you are real, please loosen that water filter.” I think the manufacturer used Thor to tighten it.

Two days later (today), I heard a commotion coming from the apartment above mine but shifted my focus back to my work. Later, I noticed dirty water backed up in my sink when I went into the kitchen to cook lunch. I ran upstairs where maintenance said he was snaking the drain and would come down to my apartment to see what was happening. After he plunged my sink I asked if he would help me with my water filter. He mentioned that my upstairs neighbor had a clogged drain for the past two days. I knew what was happening. I thanked maintenance and Archangel Michael.

This was an experience to have faith in the universe, work with spirits that always supported me, and practice patience. Archangel Michael is the angel of service and protection. Call on him day or night, small task or large. He’ll be there, even when you don’t think he is. For me, his energy feels light, comedic, and quick. He is always wearing blue.

Another nudge came tonight to relaunch the guided meditations I created in collaboration with the angels. They were present in the recording studio and I remember giggling a lot. I’m surprised we got anything done. The message is that there is someone in need of these meditations. Post them then step away so the universe can do its part.

Be Well Guided Meditations are available at SoundCloud.

I’m stepping away…


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