New Moon in Pisces on 11 April 2021

Calm, inner peace, and resolution will be the themes for the new moon lunar cycle in sidereal Pisces, 11 April – 10 May 2021. Adversely, when not in synch with the moon’s energy, thoughts and feelings may feel confusing and chaotic. Also, there may be moments of slipping into escapism. As the last sign of the zodiac, this is a time to let go of what no longer serves us.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house of isolation and personal retreat. This is also a space for endings. This female side of Jupiter will encourage taking time out to rest, reflecting on the past year, and preparing for new opportunities related to wherever Pisces falls in the natal chart.

Jupiter will transit Aquarius on 5 April feeling a bit freer to share its wisdom. Although it remains in a Saturn-ruled sign, guidance about expanding on what is possible and being open to opportunities will be the focus. In Aquarius, for the external world, this may appear as new ideas and uses in technology; innovations in artistic expression; and development of laws and policies.

Flow With The Energy
Pisces guides us to go with the flow of life, to feel the currents within and around us. Virgo is the balancing energy for Pisces, spending time focused on personal wellness is key. 

A meditation practice or simply paying attention to the breath facilitates the calm and inner peace of this new moon energy. Grounding the energy through physical activity can reconnect us to our bodies and the earth. Sun Salutation yoga sequence is beneficial, as it balances mind and body, grounds energy, and connects you deeper to your heart.

Approach feelings of being stuck, blocked, or challenged with patience. Turning inward during meditation will provide guidance regarding how to move forward. Healthy escapism like reading, creative expression, and regular exercise are beneficial. This passive approach may also benefit whatever the universe is guiding us to release.

The above routine may be beneficial during the stellium energy of Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in Aries on 16 April. We will quickly shift into a keen focus wherever Aries falls in the natal chart. Cool down anger with the Sheetali breathing technique (Taco Breath).

Natal Chart Guidance 
See the chart below for where the new moon in sidereal Pisces will affect you on an individual level. Check the moon sign for thoughts and feelings and ascendant for the physical and material world.

Overall, the new moon in sidereal Pisces is guiding us to balance emotions and finding practical ways of grounding our energy during the 28-day lunar cycle. The rest and focus is guiding us to prepare for new opportunities.

Ascendant & Moon SignHouseAspects
Aries12Personal retreat, meditation, seclusion/isolation, jail/prison, dreams, imagination, foreign travel, paternal aunts and uncles
Taurus11Social groups, friends, allies, charitable organizations
Gemini10Legacy, public life, career, father, boss, mentor
Cancer9Spiritual beliefs, teaching, teachers, publishing, broadcasting, short long distance travel, in-laws, step-children
Leo8Transformation, the occult, death, inheritance, hidden things/ secrets, business partners
Virgo7Romantic relationships, business negotiations, equal exchange of energy between two people, sexual relationships, maternal grandparents, nieces and nephews
Libra6Work, health and wellness, service to others, competitors, co-workers, employees, maternal aunts and uncles
Scorpio 5Entertainment, being seen (tv, stage, film), children, artistic projects, startup companies, speculative gains (stock market)
Sagittarius 4Real estate, home, emotional anchor (place), nurturing, private life, mother
Capricorn 3Communication, listening, learning, working with the hands, siblings, neighbors, cousins 
Aquarius 2Money, possessions, personal values, self-worth, food, personal pleasures
Pisces 1Identity, self, ego, physical body, how perceived by others, paternal grandparents 


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