Develop Your Psychic Abilities To Enhance Everyday Life

Arthur Findlay College is nicknamed as the Hogwarts for adults. Located in Stansted, England, people from around the world travel there to develop their psychic abilities and learn how to communicate with the spirit world. I spent time there this year, online of course, to learn trance healing and mediumship.

I believe spiritual development happens in layers. A spiritual awakening is only the beginning. Trance always intrigued and scared me. I was hesitant because many people told me that they did not remember their experiences after going into trance. I was content only reading about it.

Initially, there was a desire to attend Arthur Findlay in person to deepen my evidential mediumship. I lucked out and was able to do so with a teacher at the Spiritualist National Union International (SNUi). Providing evidence of a soul’s survival after leaving the physical world is a mix of fun, daunting, and educational. Spirits choose which mediums they want to work with, which is why the client feels such an intuitive pull to receive a reading. At the end of the series of courses, I found myself being pulled yet again to develop my abilities through trance. The teacher at SNUi told me to go for it.

Trance healing and mediumship are passive modalities. Reiki is active because you are wide awake, move your hands across the body (in person), and receive messages about the client. With trance, the process involves connecting with spirit and stating your intention then getting out of the way. Spirit does the rest whether it is a healing or messages.

There are different levels of consciousness within trance, but they feel like that lull you get when you are ready to go to sleep. In class we paired up and took turns giving and receiving trance healing. I experienced light and deep trance; messages became more surreal the deeper I went. I even heard music and saw images of art to create. Spirit is guiding even more to compose music, which I will share at the end of this year.

Trance mediumship feels like a more relaxed version of working with the spirit world. There are no theatrics. Making noises, moving the hands around, and twisting the head about are not part of the process. But there are subtleties like voice change based on the spirit working with you.

I recommend studying with SNUi and Arthur Findlay College if you are open to developing your natural spiritual abilities in a structured setting. There are several classes dedicated to artistry. Based on what I witnessed in class and on my own, the spirit world is eager to work with us.


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