New Moon in Aries on 10 May 2021

Our collective mind returns to the beginning of the zodiacal clock when the moon enters sidereal Aries. The lunar cycle, 10 May to 9 June 2021, will bring us a rebirth of what was neglected and new beginnings for new endeavors.

Aries naturally rules the first house of identity, the physical body (especially the head), and how others see us. As the masculine side of Mars, the ram is a natural leader, determined to accomplish goals, and motivated by being seen as a champion. Imbalanced Aries energy shows up as passive-aggressive, self-centered, and angry. 

Mars is in Gemini inspiring enthusiasm for learning, communicating, and being social. The new moon joins Uranus, so there may be sudden changes in interests and goals. 

With the upcoming full moon rising as a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio, focusing on what we are passionate about is a way of working with the new moon’s energy. 

See the chart below to understand where the new moon in sidereal Aries is showing up in your life. Look at the ascendant for the physical and material world; thoughts and emotions with the moon sign.

Ascendant & Moon SignHouseAspects
Aries1Identity, self, ego, physical body, how perceived by others, paternal grandparents
Taurus12Personal retreat, meditation, seclusion/isolation, jail/prison, dreams, imagination, foreign travel, paternal aunts and uncles
Gemini11Social groups, friends, allies, charitable organizations
Cancer10Legacy, public life, career, father, boss, mentor
Leo9Spiritual beliefs, teaching, teachers, publishing, broadcasting, short long distance travel, in-laws, step-children
Virgo8Transformation, the occult, death, inheritance, hidden things/ secrets, business partners
Libra7Romantic relationships, business negotiations, equal exchange of energy between two people, sexual relationships, maternal grandparents, nieces and nephews
Scorpio 6Work, health and wellness, service to others, competitors, co-workers, employees, maternal aunts and uncles 
Sagittarius 5Entertainment, being seen (tv, stage, film), children, artistic projects, startup companies, speculative gains (stock market)
Capricorn 4Real estate, home, emotional anchor (place), nurturing, private life, mother
Aquarius 3Communication, listening, learning, working with the hands, siblings, neighbors, cousins
Pisces 2Money, possessions, personal values, self-worth, food, personal pleasures


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