A Peek Into My Daily Routine

Everyone has a daily routine of waking up, getting ready for the day, and doing the tasks until it is time for bed. Going with the flow of life may seem dull when the same things need to be done. Cultivating a daily routine of fun activities and/or spiritual practices can break up the monotony. 

For a long time I lacked structure in my life. I didn’t think too much of it because I was having a lot of fun. Rest never entered my days of work and play. My spirit guides suggested that I create new ways of getting things done because I am an empath. I needed to work, rest, and play daily to keep my adrenal glands and nervous system healthy.

Morning & Evening Sadhana
My spiritual practice (sadhana) had been sloppy although yoga had been in my life since childhood. Meditation was more stable, yet I still needed a routine that incorporated yoga and meditation. 

I was introduced to the practice of Agnihotra and loved the idea of a fire ritual, but decided to sit at my altar at sunrise and sunset. Like many, I established a better practice during the global quarantine to help me feel more grounded. My daily routine includes the following:

  • Light incense
  • Set an intention as I ring my Tibetan singing bowl
  • Pray
  • Chant
  • Communicate with spirit through poetry (optional on some days)
  • Get on the yoga mat for pranayama and yoga
  • Return to the altar for meditation

Fun & Relaxation
I balance the calm energy of yoga and meditation with dancing to Salsa, dubstep, or House. It’s better than coffee. Resting is still a challenge, but I’m a lot more open to it now. Regardless, feeling grounded and energized fuels my day. I look forward to the daily tasks with positivity. Whenever I feel stuck, I draw for a few minutes with new ideas for work then end the work day feeling balanced.

Regardless of working from home or at an office, establishing a routine before and after work makes life more bearable. Stepping away in the middle to doodle or mediate for five minutes could shift your attitude about work. It could lead to new ideas and opportunities. Try a new routine for seven days and notice how life changes.


Currently reading Be Free Where You Are by Thich Nhat Hanh.

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