7 Ways To Improve Your At-Home Yoga Practice

Yoga is a time to reconnect with yourself. Whether it is in a park, studio, or at home, at home, the mind and body needs a serene environment in order to experience the benefits of yoga. Here are seven ways to maximize your at-home yoga practice.

Practice Mindfulness 
Yoga is a healing practice and will be unique to you. Release expectations about what you want your body to do. This reduces stress, strain, and injuries.

Create Sacred Space
The yoga mat is a space where you can connect with your soul. Light candles, burn incense, or play soft music in the background to make the connection more peaceful. 

Choose a space where you will not disturbed during the practice. Be mindful of household pets, which tend to love the energy of a yoga practice. Consider placing their bed or blanket nearby.

Remove Digital Distractions
Close additional windows on the phone, tablet, or computer if doing pre-recorded or private yoga. Turn off other electronic devices or use silent or away mode.

Use Yoga Props
Bring yoga straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets, if needed. They help deepen yoga poses and reduce stress in muscles.

Fuel The Mind & Body
Eat a light meal two to three hours before the practice. Avoid greasy, deep fried, and sugary foods as they will digest fast and cause the mind and body to feel elated then lethargic in a short time. 

Fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and gluten-free grains are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The body will release toxins resulting in regular digestion and a happy disposition.  Buying from a farmer’s market and Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) offer food that is local, organic, and inexpensive. Local honey strengthens immunity to allergens in the area. 

Drink Water & Herbal Infusions
Depending on age, your body is 55 – 75% water. Water and herbal teas flush the system much like plant- based foods and keeps the body hydrated. Keep water nearby to sip when needed. Room temperature is best to help internal fire (Agni) to burn away impurities. Cold water destroys the fire.

Journal or Create Art 
Grab a journal or sketch pad. Being creative gets you out of your head. Things may come up that need to expressed, ideas may come, or guidance from your soul may be louder or clearer.

A yoga practice is more than what happens on the mat. Make the most of it with your at-home yoga practice.


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