Taking a Leap of Faith with Music

Music has always been important to me. I’ve been composing music that I will slowly release throughout 2021. Spirit guided me to make rapid changes sooner than expected. I was planning on 2022. I’ve been taking giant leaps between the baby steps so that I am in alignment with the universe.

Although I love doing one-on-one client healing sessions, that will be going away soon to focus on writing about wholistic healing on the blog. Letting go has been scary. Maintaining my daily yoga and meditation practice is helping me get through this transformation.

Calling myself a musician is easy. The music itself is an ongoing evolution, but I have an idea of where my style will settle…or so I think. Change is good. It’s getting me outside my comfort zone. I arranged a track that made me feel better than eating a good piece of chocolate. I’m looking forward to sharing with you. Stay tuned!


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