Use Yoga & Diet to Strengthen Your Relationship with the Planets

The planets have a connection to our chakra system, which govern our behaviors, organs, and overall mental and physical health. Even if planets are said to have challenges in the sidereal natal chart because of house and sign placement, a daily yoga practice and healthy diet can improve the imbalances.

The chart below is not exhaustive, but a beginning to balancing mind and body. If a yoga pose is difficult, please do not force yourself into it. Use the diet and/or breathing techniques to balance.

PlanetImbalancesWays to Balance
SunCowardly, arrogant, acting/ feeling entitled, hiding, lack of creative expression Reduce salt intake, Sun SalutationBreath of fire
MoonInsensitive, overly sensitive, irrational, over-protective, withdrawn/ isolated Reduce added sugars, Meditation, Breath of fire
MercuryIgnorant, nosy, gossipy, anti-socialEating cooked dark green vegetables, Alternate nostril breathing, Breath of fire
VenusUnloving/ unlovable, greedy, stingy, sense of worthlessness, addictions (drugs, alcohol)Avoid cold foods (like icy drinks), Reduce added sugars, Bow pose, Plow pose, Seated forward fold
MarsAngry, passive-aggressive, unfocused/ unmotivated, lack of energy Cooling (Taco) breath, Lotus pose, Butterfly pose, Peacock pose
JupiterAnxiety, religious intolerance/ extremist, lack of adventure/ humor/ faithSun Salutation, Shoulder stand, Breath of fire, Ujjayi (Ocean) breathing
SaturnImpatient, unstructured, inhumane, stuck in an unhealthy routine/ relationship Reduce or eliminate oily/ deep fried food, Increase water intake, Breath of fire, Alternate nostril breathing, Cooling (Taco) breath, Bee breath
Rahu/ North NodeOverzealous/ greedy about aspects of the material world, e.g., money, food, possessions, power, successAlternate nostril breathing, Bee breath, Breath of fire
Ketu/ South NodeNot letting go of old behaviors and habits, refusing to devote to something/ someone healthy, clinging to the pastAlternate nostril breathing, Breath of fire, Headstand

A good foundation can include alternate nostril breathing, Sun Salutation, and meditation. Adding the additional poses, breathing techniques, and changes to diet create a more wholistic practice. 

Click here for a 1-hour yoga practice, on YouTube, that includes Ujjayi breathing, standing and sitting poses (most from above), and relaxation.


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