Use Selfcare to Enhance the Law of Attraction

Being pampered and doing self-care are two different things. Pampering is the weekly trip to the spa or taking yourself out on a date. Self-care is deeper because it involves attending to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life. This impacts how we attract wealth, abundance, and love into our lives.

I loved to pamper myself, especially on my birthday. I got a massage, mani-pedi, and took myself out to lunch and dinner. It was my grown-up way of caring for myself like others took care of me the day I was born. Doing self-care didn’t start until  2009, when I learned that I was an empath

Interestingly enough, as my awareness about being an empath increased so did my sensitivities, and the need to reclaim my well-being. I was starting to experience financial problems and mental health issues related to unhealed trauma. My past was there to greet me at every corner I turned.

Spiritual Laws of the Universe
The Law of Attraction works from the inside out. We can chant, visualize, and pray for change, but our subconscious mind may think otherwise. I know from experience that taking action sets the stage for change, but nothing will improve if the Universe says the show will not go on because of the wrong script and actors.

Studying reiki and psychic development were the beginning of my life changing, but it wasn’t enough. My spirit guides led me to Vedic astrology, which was the game changer. I realized that I needed to feed my soul and be one with my soul’s planet. My soul loves metaphysics and the arts. The more I learned, the better my life improved.

No Cookie Cutters
Self-care looks different for everyone. I learned through personal experience and studying Vedic astrology that the soul guides us towards people and experiences that can heal a multitude of issues. This may not always feel favorable and may seem like the world is against us. It’s not. We are being guided towards a spiritual awakening, which is a process of clearing away the ancestral and generational issues holding us back.

The lotus symbolizes serenity, purity, and rebirth. It only grows in mud. In Buddhist teachings the phrase, ”no mud, no lotus” is used to convey how working through suffering leads to inner peace. Many of us were born in or experienced a string of muddy situations, or both, but fought through them to blossom under the sun.

Consider self-care if your affirmations or vision board are producing little to no results. The Universe will bless you as you feed your soul.


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    1. Thanks! The Law of Attraction became a hot topic when the movie The Secret came out. It’s basically about manifesting and attracting your heart’s desires like money, job, and romantic partner, etc.


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